Best Alienware m15 Bags and Backpacks Windows Central 2020

The Alienware m15 is a gorgeous laptop and one you should protect in transit to keep it looking like new. Various backpacks will do this without issue, but you may also want to look like a gamer even when your notebook lid is closed, which is where the Alienware Vindicator V2.0 and other bags come into play.

Premium disguise: CoolBELL Messenger Bag

This bag can be used as a shoulder backpack or a messenger bag. There are four outside pockets, convenient for organizing all your accessories, and it'll allow you to hide away your powerful gaming rig inside a protective pocket. There's even room for a spare change of clothes. The fact it's lightweight, somewhat affordable, and ergonomic makes it a worthy option.

$46 at Amazon

Omega gaming: GT Omega Racing Backpack

You may be familiar with GT Omega chairs, but did you know the company also makes a pretty solid gaming backpack for laptops? You do now and the Racing Backpack is a winner at $70.

$70 at GT Omega

Gamer's brand: Razer Rogue

Being from the brand that is responsible for some of the best PC accessories on the market, this Rogue backpack has everything you need to keep your laptop safe. Not only is the bag tear-proof, but it's also water-resistant and an overall badass. It also looks the part and can hold up to 15-inch laptops.

$83 at Amazon

Budget backpack: AmazonBasics Backpack

The AmazonBasics Backpack for laptops is as barebones as you can get without sacrificing protection and capacity. The bag itself is positively reviewed on Amazon with more than 3,000 reviews and can handle up to 17-inch laptops. From the outside, you get numerous zippered compartments, making it ideal for packing other things aside from the laptop, like accessories or even a change of clothes.

$30 at Amazon

Other worldly: Alienware Vindicator V2

Dell produces the Alienware m15 and so if you'd rather having a bag that matches the design and branding, you'll want to consider the excellent Alienware Vindicator V2.0. It's durable, will keep your m15 safe from harm, and just looks awesome.

$70 at Dell

Less bold: Dell 50KD6

Should the Alienware Vindicator be a little too much for your tastes, Dell has an alternative pick that looks almost as good, and is a bit more subtle. The Dell 50KD6 is a sizeable backpack, letting you store everything you will need to play your favorite games on the Alienware m15.

$48 at Amazon

Comapct style: Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger

Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger may be a better option if you don't plan on traveling far and wide with your Alienware m15. It's a compact laptop bag with a few handy extras like a pen holder and dedicated mouse pouch specifically designed for Surface devices. Don't let that put you off since this bag will also cater to 15-inch laptops. Windows Central's executive editor Daniel Rubino is also a big fan.

$70 at Amazon

No matter which bag you choose from our shortlist, the Alienware m15 will be safe for gaming sessions while you head to the local LAN party. Since we're talking about the Alienware m15, it only makes sense you rock the Vindicator V2.0 to match.

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