Microsoft's Windows Defender solution is a great baseline defense against all forms of viruses on your Windows 10 PC, but every now and then, something nasty can break through. That's when something more powerful might be in order.

There are tons of solutions out there, from AVG to Malwarebytes, but every day, new solutions appear, and it can be hard to keep up. That's where the awesome Windows Central community comes in!



Forum newcomer Dj64Mk7 is looking for an unobtrusive antivirus, and advice pertaining to security on Windows 10 as a former MacOS user.


Hi! I'm new to these forums. What is the most unobtrusive antivirus that runs on Windows 10? My dad is insistent that Windows Defender does not do a good job keeping Windows secure. I am new to Windows (I have lots of experience with OS X and the Mac), so I'm not really used to having to run 3rd-party software like that, and I don't feel comfortable downloading a program from a website...


If you think you can help, dive in and help Dj64Mk7 feel at home!