The best feature of the Windows 10 Mobile Store: Listing in-app purchases

For all the things people don't like about iOS, one thing that Apple has certainly done right is providing access to in-app purchase information in the App Store. Before downloading that free app or game, you can get a clear look at how much you might end up forking out down the road.

I don't know exactly when it became a thing, partly because the Store (Beta) was always so bad on my test devices I avoided it like the plague. Thankfully it's much improved as of 10166, which is handy, since it's now been promoted to the main Store.

If you haven't seen it yet here's how it works. You'll get a notice next to the install button towards the top of the listing notifying you that there are purchases inside the app. Then, after the screenshots you'll get a list of what there is and how much it's going to cost.

IAPs remain a contentious subject but the facts are clear. It's a model that works for developers, with freemium games like Candy Crush making millions of dollars through purchases every year. What we've been lacking in the Windows Phone Store is a clear way of getting an idea how much of a cash grab lies within. At least going forward we're not going to have to install the app first to find out.

Is this a welcome addition to the Store or is it something you never bothered too much about? Sound off in the comments below!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • Indeed it's the best feature. Was really happy when I saw it :)
  • Agreed. Really, this is the way it should have been done from the start. So obvious.
  • Good job Microsoft.
  • Store still crashes. And is very slow compared to the previous one. They should've kept the previous store for few more builds I think.
  • For me the old store stopped working properly a couple of builds ago anyway. Agreed, this one is still slow and crashes a lot, but at least it'll download apps now. I've not been able to get anything from it before this build without waiting sometimes days.
  • Yes it's better than before. Just not "Let's remove the beta tag" better. Probably this move was needed as many users were using the old store and that compromised on the quantity of diagnostic data Microsoft could fetch. So they're forcing this new store to get sufficient telemetric data.
  • I too think so, you have a good point.
  • I saw a store update this morning is an old one?
  • I saw it and installed it. Too early to tell the difference, but they probably made it faster. I find it amazing that you can update the store app from within the store, like it is just another app. There is a chicken and egg feel to it :) On the other hand, desktop apps sometimes have "check for updates" built into them, which is sort of the same thing in a way, except my way of thinking about the store is that it is integrated deep within the phone's OS apps, so I was surprised (very positively so!) about it.
  • I think they can't coz the app is universal
  • you  need to update store ,have you reset after update?
  • Obviously a welcome addition
  • When will we see new Windows 10 uni apps?
  • I'm curious too. Really hoping this universal app thing works out but I'm a little worried I haven't seen any yet
  • Platform hasn't launched. Let's give it chance.
  • On 20/7 , just sit back and see apps coming :D
  • Actually just after 29th July. 20th is the official launch of Visual Studio 2015, but the SDKs and store deployment on 29th.
  • Yeah, but as far I know, on 20th they will allow 10 packages, no?
  • Not until MS opens the floodgates. Probably a week before Win10 release, they'll migrate everyone to the new developer dashboard for uploading Win 10 packages.
  • The API's have not been out long so developers have not had much time to work out what they can do and I think they cant submit W 10 apps yet (could be wrong on that one)
  • So probably on the day Windows 10 has launched on 29th, we're not sure if new apps will come out with the Windows 10 release?
  • you can't develop for something that's not even finished.
  • Then outsider consumers will have an impression that windows still have few apps.
  • Welcome addition in my book. Specially for those games where you can purchase the same thing several times (coin packs and the sort).
  • Yes this build is the first one I'd recommend for daily use. If you've been waiting I'd say go for it. I had one scary issue. After starting it for the first time the start screen wouldn't load. Just said loading with a black screen. If that happens then swipe down, go to display settings, and set background to none. That worked for me
  • I agree with Mikey! Just recently got it on my Lumia 635 and Ive basically been using every build for daily use but this is the one that I recommened to everyone. The Texting and Messages app, People app, and phone app no longer have beta or alpha tags and the new People app also has this cool new Live Tile! Performance is much better and I totally recommend. 
  • Yep, same here. My confidence in WM10 has really gone up! I'm really impressed with what they've done with performance on even older and lower model phones. My L920 feels like a new phone. And it's so fast! except for the store, but I'm pretty sure that will be improved! Good job MS!
  • I almost agree. I've played with every build on my old 920 and this is the first one that didn't want to make me toss the phone across the room. Once the store is stable I think my M8 will finally get a test run.
  • Right.  Good way of putting it.  Lets not overstate things.  This is the first version that will not make you throw your phone across the room :)    But it's still far from perfect and missing some important features.   Cortana mostly works now but still doesn't seem to dictate incoming messages to you.  That's disappointing at this stage.
  • First of all this build 10166 not installing getting some error code. Microsoft must fix this asap. Fed up already
  • Oh nos! A preview with issues... Seriously, try and relax. This is way early software full of bugs. It'll get fixed.
  • try download later server may be under high load
  • I'm able to download it on both my phones
  • I just rolled back to WP8.1 and then reinstalled all the updates. It took about 3 hours but it was worth it to me.
  • On a dev way, how good is it to show your (hidden) income on the front page! As costumer it's a nice welcome.
  • As developer, I welcome it. It gives the user transparency and you don't (hopefully) end up with bad reviews because what was expected to be all free really wasn't. Now, the user knows upfront.
  • Well, everything transparent should be the way to make deals. Welcome addition indeed!
  • For devs that do only free or only paid apps, it is a great thing. For devs that do apps with in-app purchases it might be bad thing if they are trying to cheat their users, but for good devs this should be welcome.
  • This came with the new store update with build 10166, if you load up the PC store, you'll also see a list of IAP too.
  • Still , the store lacks the MOST IMPORTANT thing to me , which is "last updated date" section ....
  • Yeah.
  • Agreed, also vids would be nice too :). Isn't that coming??
  • No. Vids suck. Let them stay on lagdroid
  • Not necessarily, they provide better advert for apps/games than an image can.
  • Yeah, I've noticed this is missing compared to the old store. I do hope it returns.
  • So they removed that information from the Windows 10 Mobile Store? It's in the Windows Phone 8.1 Store.
  • Yep. Missing the last updated date and version number of the application.
  • They removed that so people can't see out of date apps.
  • Good feature
  • Are the reviews showing full name in Windows 10/Mobile? Noticed that in Windows Phone 8.1 Store is just first name which is great however in Windows 8.1 Store it shows full name which personally don't feel comfortable with as those of us that use legitimate information will have our full name scattered all over the Store/Internet whereas those that use random names (e.g. Scooby Doo) are fine, Microsoft should be protecting and encouraging people to leave reviews rather than keep away because their full name will be used which will put off devs also from developing for the ecosystem. If anyone can confirm Windows 10 Store shows first or full name it would be much appreciated.
  • I was about to give this feedback to Microsoft, but it seems like they have read my mind.
  • I can't purchased app and also it doesn't support installing apps from sd card
  • Does that have an option of installing local apps?
  • The Store is not working properly in my phone after the update to this build. After 2 hard resets, still not working. It doesn't open, only the blank blue/cyan screen is showing. I can not download my aops, even wundows centra. I'm using Edge to read articles here now.
  • Surprised by the quality of the build. Ebay and a few other apps don't work though. The start screen won't alter either, but aside from that, all good. Keyboard seems better.
  • Good job in copying Apple!
  • U people want features from apple and android! Yet don't like best parts coming.. Pity on these
  • LOL! Totally agreed. And don't forget the times when WP is copied too.
  • Yep its copied but so what? WP has been mercilessly copied by both iOS and android. The whole new 'flatter' design of iOS and so called 'material design' of android are essentially derivatives of the original metro UI principles - clean, flat design, bold colors, minimal chrome - all these elements were pioneered by WP (and Zune). Heck iOS and MacOS are also having public betas! Hopefully we don't see live tiles on the next iteration of android or iOS! I guess that's the way of the industry, copy or perish lol!!
  • Marerial and Metro design are different. If you don't know anything about design, I'd suggest not talking about it. Also private notifications, expandable notifications, extended power toggles in the notification centre, Ok Cortana. You are more likely to see widget-like live tiles, than you are likely to see live tiles on Android and iOS. OHWAIT Windows Phone is already getting widget-like live tiles that are interactive. Public BETAs weren't Windows Phone's invention either.
  • In case you didn't read my comment properly, I said 'derivatives' of metro and not the same as metro. Of course material design is 'different', but do you claim it does not borrow heavily from the principles of metro design? Flat colored buttons are fundamentally metro! Before this android buttons all had a color 'gradient', drop shadows, etc.
    My point is that these guys all copy or draw inspiration from each other, it's the way of the game. I noticed android m beta also had apps grouped by letters, with vertical scrolling through the app groups hmmm...
  • The buttons aren't flat for fucks sake. Drops shadows are still there, they've been increased actually. The fundamentals of Material stem from a paper. A simple piece of paper, from where Google continually improved. Motion and interaction were focused on afterwards. I guess this is a good place for you to start learning about this:
  • First you dont know anything about design, so dont talk crap. Your lame article link dont tell the truth. Material crap is a copy of metro. And its a fact
  • "Windows Phone is lagging behind in features"
    "Oh, but this new feature is already in Android/iOS"
    Good job in being hypocritical!
  • That's great! I wud also like to see "wishlist"
  • Me too.
  • When i go to update setting it's show update is windows insider configuration update if i done this update and go to again it's already there. Any solution?
  • I don't like freemium games......or apps those eventually become money dumps. I'd rather you just charge me $19.99 for the app or game instead of milking me to death and the game end up costing hundreds in the end.
  • Nailed it! Same thoughts here also..
  • There is no gun behind your head while you play the game. You could either not pay or not play. Pretty simple. There's still plenty of apps and games out there with one time fees.
  • But it's a shame if the experience of playing the game could be a whole lot reasonably better if it wasn't design in a freemium way. Maybe additional paid DLCs that does not affect the gameplay/storyline is the ideal solution.
  • Do they have a wish list feature?
  • Microsoft _/\_
  • We need also to see number of downloads, and size of app in the top not in the bottom
  • That's one thing I didn't know I wanted but now that they have it, I am thinking how did I live without it in the first place. Now, WISHLISTS! That notify us of price drops too.
  • Help: I'm undecided, about the new update Windows Mobile 10. ... worth worth installing Windows Insider, or wait for official skirt? When they will leave?
  • If you're planning to use as your main phone and ready to face random bugs and have the tools required to roll back to WP8.1 any time, then yes. Wait for the official release or Preview for Developers update (if that happens) otherwise. No confirmation on release date yet, but assumptions are made to be around late September or October.
  • MS doing there best!
  • How to install local apps ?
  • Good to see this feature
  • Has anyone found Lumia Collection apps in the new store?
  • Nice feature yes but for me the stand out feature is finding the 'my games' area in the Xbox app. Now all games installed on my phone appear there and presented in a nice clean UI. Nice MS.
  • It's really nice, that Microsoft is putting consumers priority first. I like it. ​
  • They have been doing with Windows Phone if not they can have OEMs do crazy stuff to the OS to gain marketshare.
  • I'm waiting patiently for the Scrabble words game to come with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Store don't have FIFA 15: UT
    I want to know how it work in this build. Before it was very slow.
    In general this build is good now, and in app purchases is a very good addition.
  • They need to add video preview to make this a complete beast of a store.
  • This isa very welcome feature.
    The new store is ok, but runs slower than the old store and is missing the date of the latest update in the app description. It is also missing the history section which used to show the date of when I purchased apps and when I updated them. I think the history was a great feature...
  • It sounds great. Cant wait to start using it but went back to 8.1 from last build on my 1520, just a few things i needed to work that didn't. I wont install 166 i will wait for next one. I would like to see a way to remove apps from my account that i have tried and either did not like or just did not work for me the way i wanted. That is one store action i want. For example, say i try 15 different exercise apps before i find one that i like and is exactly what I'm looking for. I see no reason to keep the other 14 on my list. I dont want to sort through 250 apps on my app list to find the ones i used and liked. Just my opinion but a feature like this would be nice to have.
  • It's a way to make it all more transparent and honest, though I think this is more an issue with games than with apps. Great addition, nevertheless.
  • Nice finding Richard :)
  • What's the system storage in mobile
  • Should I downgrade to 8.1 then update to the latest TP of windows 10 mobile? My,lumia 720 cant find the update!its running 10149
  • What about the forums?
  • Well done!
  • Does W10 show the progress for app downloads and browser downloads in the Action Centre? And does it give 'Installation Complete' notifications for apps in the Centre? I add apps to the downloading queue and forget about them afterwards. Then after some time, when I randomly scroll through the apps list I see that the app was downloaded. I really wish they add these two features.
  • They can make changes to hamburgers and make it look more attractive.
  • Excellent....BTW, does the new store have a wish list? And does it have a way of showing all your purchased apps, installed apps and owned apps separately?
  • Damn store, i'm can't install and update anything.Also previous one was better.
  • Does the Nokia Treasure Tag app now work in the new store and stay connected to the treasure tag?
  • I was able to install an app via the new store on my 1520 SD Card for the first time ever. That's a good start. I may finally be able switch that phone as my main phone.
  • If Microsoft really want to do something then they should something so that we can also buy apps without a credit or debit card.
  • Bdi cheti aa gya eh feature...!!
  • Open button right after installation is best feature for me
  • Good move by microsoft, although it does not affect me in the least. I have never and never will spend money on IAP and I think only an idiot would spend more than a couple of dollars on IAP (unless the app is something like a triple AAA game or top of the line productivity app) but hey, if this helps developers so be it.
  • Good for all the cry babies that whine the game isn't really free. Lol
  • Good.Still hate that football game which allowed to play for 10 matches,and then asked to make in app purchase to continue playing
  • I can't download the in app purchases I already bought for 6tag on this preview... Any suggestions?
  • Yes o!!
  • Cool!
  • Found a bug. Not all the apps in the Old windows 8.1 store are import in the new windows 10 store.
  • No, you are dead wrong. The best feature as on my phone is loading function. It's keep loading to the menu page like forever and ever. Simply mentioning it doesn't has a menu page anymore.
  • Ok but where is alarm vibrate only in windows 10
  • Good, I'm glad these are being built into the OS, as it is developing into a mature one.