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Best Dell XPS 13 Sleeves in 2022

Dell XPS 13 9370
Dell XPS 13 9370 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Your shiny new XPS 13 deserves to stay shiny and new — but you don't need a full-size bag to protect it. Take a look at our list of the best sleeves that fit the newest XPS 13 9380, older 9370, 9360 and 9350, and XPS 13 2-in-1 to help you decide the best way to protect your laptop.

Choosing what's best

Keeping the XPS 13 safe is the primary objective, and for that, you want soft and ideally zipper free, like the HYZUO suede vertical sleeve. Magnets are always preferable, not only because they're less potentially damaging but also for quicker, easier access. And when combined with a super-soft sleeve, your expensive XPS 13 will always be in good hands.

But it's hard to ignore Dell's elegant and straightforward Premier Sleeve. It's pricier than some of the others, but super soft inside and magnetic so it'll protect from bumps and scratches. It's a quality product, though, as you'd expect from an official Dell product, but if you'd like something a little less rich, Dell's Professional Sleeve is a worthy alternative.

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