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Best LED Light Strips in 2022

Led Light Strips Hero
Led Light Strips Hero (Image credit: Amazon)

Whether you want to add a little extra glow to your PC or your TV, or just want some tasteful accent lighting around your home or office, LED light strips are an easy, affordable way to add some style. Not sure where to start? Here are a few options.

Illuminating your life

LED strip lights are a really easy way to add some amazing accent lighting anywhere in your home. Whether you're looking for full smart capabilities from something like the Philips Hue kit (opens in new tab) or something plainer and simpler like the Ustellar white strips (opens in new tab), there's something out there for you.

The beauty of LED strip lights is that the effect is subtle, yet striking, and they're easy to hide out of plain sight. Whether you're putting them behind a TV or PC monitor, or using them to highlight accents or furniture, you'll be able to create a unique look that suits your own personal style.

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