Best pilot loadouts in Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a twitch shooter that mixes giant robots with small pilots for all kinds of insane fun. At any one moment, you might see four or five Titans battling it out while the other pilots run around trying not to get stepped on. To better your chances of survival as a pilot, here are some of the best loadouts you can choose depending on how you like to play.

Titan's bane

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Running around at the start of a match gives you the feeling that things are balanced, but as soon as the first Titans start dropping, you as a pilot will feel very vulnerable. Even though you're seriously outsized, you can still wreak havoc with this loadout.

The A-Wall raises the damage of outgoing shots from your Charge Rifle and blocks incoming damage from enemy Titans. Make sure you take the Charge Hack mod for the Charge Rifle, as it does more damage faster — you should be able to kill low- and medium-health Titans before your A-Wall disappears.

This is an especially potent loadout for playing Last Titan Standing — if you manage to escape your Titan before it explodes, you can do some serious damage to the remaining Titans.

  • Tactical: A-Wall
  • Grenade: Arc Grenade
  • Primary: Softball
  • Secondary: Charge Rifle with Charge Hack mod
  • Kit 1: Power Cell
  • Kit 2: Low Profile or Wallhang

Moving target

Titanfall 2 is a twitch shooter, meaning it rewards players who want to run and gun. If this is your way to play, this loadout will help you reach the top of the leaderboard.

The Stim mod gives you a wicked speed boost while healing you, and the Alternator SMG with Gunrunner mod lets you deal quite a bit of damage without slowing down. If you're being pursued, toss a Gravity Star behind you to stop any chase. Wallhang will help you get out of tricky situations and the Fast Regen kit means you can use Stim more often.

Keep moving while you shoot and enjoy a high-adrenaline gaming session.

  • Tactical: Stim
  • Grenade: Gravity Star
  • Primary: Alternator with Gunrunner mod
  • Secondary: MGL Mag Launcher
  • Kit 1: Fast Regen
  • Kit 2: Wallhang

Invisible threat

Many people choose first-person shooters for the opportunity to get on the good side of a long rifle with a powerful scope. Titanfall 2 gives these players a fighting chance thanks to the Cloak, which turns you invisible for a set amount of time or until you start shooting. The Cloak in conjunction with the Power Cell kit means you can be invisible more often.

Take the Kraber-AP sniper rifle, as it hits for the most damage; you won't mind the slow reload as long as you keep your distance. The Kill Report kit shows you where enemies are dying so you can better position yourself, and the Wingman Elite sidearm has great range and high damage when your sniper rifle is out of ammo.

Keep your distance, pick your shots, and you'll be rewarded with a deeply satisfying style of play.

  • Tactical: Cloak
  • Grenade: Electric Smoke Grenade
  • Primary: Kraber-AP
  • Secondary: Wingman Elite
  • Kit 1: Power Cell
  • Kit 2: Kill Report

Close-range killer

This loadout is all about using the Pulse Blade to see where enemies are and positioning yourself to cut off their route. The Mastiff shotgun delivers a one-shot kill pretty much all of the time when in range, and the Firestar is an efficient close-range weapon.

If your shotgun is out of ammo, pull out the RE-45 sidearm — it has a 20-round magazine and is full auto, so you can just hold down the trigger and watch enemies disappear in front of you.

Take the Power Cell kit so you can use your Pulse Blade more often, and grab Kill Report for a better idea of where the action is taking place on the map. If you love setting traps and delivering a lot of close-range damage, this is your loadout.

  • Tactical: Pulse Blade
  • Grenade: Firestar
  • Primary: Mastiff
  • Secondary: RE-45 Auto
  • Kit 1: Power Cell
  • Kit 2: Kill Report

Multi-purpose tool

This loadout is essentially built around the Hemlok assault rifle, which is a great weapon no matter the situation you're in. It fires a three-round burst that hits for a lot of damage — use it effectively for eliminating long-distance targets or spam the fire button up close to let loose a lot of lead in a short amount of time.

The Grapple mod gives you the ability to move around the map how you want and it makes it easier to jump onto enemy Titans for a rodeo. The Phase Embark mod lets you hop into your Titan no matter where you are — this lets you call down a Titan in a strategic position without having to worry about reaching it once the dome shield wears off.

The Archer secondary weapon is a great anti-Titan tool, meaning you aren't just limited to hurting pilots. If you aren't sure where you stand when it comes to Titanfall 2, or if you like to be able to contribute to any situation, this should be your loadout of choice.

  • Tactical: Grapple
  • Grenade: Frag Grenade
  • Primary: Hemlok with Gunrunner mod
  • Secondary: Archer
  • Kit 1: Phase Embark
  • Kit 2: Wallhang

How do you play?

What is your favorite loadout in Titanfall 2? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • After I found out how very different the game play is and how easily Titans die (that whole battery thing is just stupid) in Titanfall 2 I pretty much lost any interest.  I much prefer the way the original Titanfall plays.  I was really hoping for an excellent sequel.
  • At first I was disappointed in TF2. TF1 was about the only shooter I played for the last 2 years and averaged a KD ratio vs pilot of about 7~8 to 1 and was called a cheater a lot. TF2 mechanics and maps failed like a step in a different direction, but after a while I start to like it for what it is and appriciate the additions to make it more balanced. I still hope TF3 would be more a mix from TF2 and TF1 and has more large open areas. TLDR; GIve it some more time, or don't
  • I cannot speak for the first TF because I have not played it yet, but as for TF2 I gotta say I love it, one of my favorite games this year, been playing this and Halo 5 constantly, I never get tired of it. Yes there are some game dynamics that need some improvement, how easily it is to take down a titan is one of them, but over all I think it's an excellent game that alot of people enjoy and appreciate, myself included.