Best Pre-Built PCs for Apex Legends Windows Central 2021

Apex Legends was a surprise hit in 2019, coming out of nowhere to the enjoyment of many. It's still going strong and, as is usually the case, it's best experienced on PC. But not everyone wants to build their own rig, so here are the best pre-built PCs if you're going to play Apex Legends.

SkyTech Archangel

Best Overall: SkyTech Archangel

Staff pick

Opening up your budget, but still sticking below a grand, offers more options. Our best overall pick for getting the most out of Apex Legends is the SkyTech Archangel. Featuring a Ryzen 5 2600X CPU, a GTX 1660 GPU, and 16GB of RAM, this PC meets Apex's recommended specs and should net you 60fps at 1080p with medium to high settings. It doesn't include any peripherals, though.

$800 at Amazon
SkyTech Blaze II

Another Great Value: SkyTech Blaze II

The Blaze II, as configured, offers a good deal for its price, but its Archangel cousin offers a better one for a bit more. Still, when it comes to PCs, every dollar counts. The Blaze II comes with a Ryzen 5 2600, a GTX 1660, and 8GB of RAM, all of which are plenty for Apex Legends. Again, like the Archangel, you'll need peripherals to get playing.

$750 at Amazon
CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool

Higher-End: CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool

Getting into the "high-end" market, you're limited only by your budget. Since we're talking about Apex Legends at 1080p max settings and 60fps (or more), the CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme is worth considering if you have the money. With a water-cooled i7-9700K CPU, an RTX 2070 Super GPU, and 16GB of RAM, this beast will give you all the frames, and it even includes a keyboard and mouse.

$1,360 at Amazon
HP Pavilion Gaming

Budget Pick: HP Pavilion Gaming PC

When coming up with a budget pick, I had a hard time finding one that would fit a tighter budget and still be a good machine. There are cheaper pre-builts that sport the minimum specs for Apex Legends, but this PC from HP has a bit more wiggle room with its Ryzen 3 2200G APU and RX 550 GPU. HP also throws in a keyboard and mouse, so all you need to get started is a monitor.

$550 at Amazon
iBUYPOWER Element 9620

Great Performance: iBUYPOWER Element 9260

The iBUYPOWER Element 9260 has a lot going on. The components are exactly what you need for excellent 1080p gaming, all while looking great. The combination of an i7-9700F, a GTX 1660 Ti, and 16GB of RAM make for an excellent machine. Like many others on this list, it also comes equipped with an AC WiFi card.

$1,000 at Amazon

Cheapest Option: AVGPC MAX

Scraping the bottom of the barrel nets you this, the AVGPC MAX. It has the absolute minimum specs required for Apex, and it runs right at $500. Go any cheaper than this for pre-builts, and you run into issues with quality and making sure your components are up to the task at hand. It ain't pretty, but it should let you play at 720p with low settings.

$500 at Amazon

Plenty of options

When it comes to finding a pre-built PC for Apex Legends, there's a lot to choose from. However, if I had to pick one to recommend to you, it'd be one of this list's mid-rangers, SkyTech's Archangel. Not only does it exceed the recommended specs for Apex, but it will also do well in other titles.

The Blaze II is a close second, but the extra bit to jump to the Archangel nets you double the RAM. Meanwhile, the CyberpowerPC — and even the iBUYPOWER to an extent — is definitely overkill for this game, while the HP and AVGPC barely scrape by.

The biggest downside to the Archangel is that it doesn't include any peripherals whatsoever, unlike some of the other picks. Thankfully, there are great mice under $50 and cheaper membrane keyboards to get you by. As for a monitor, you have many paths available to you, including second-hand markets.

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