Best Pre-Built PCs for Apex Legends in 2020

Apex Legends Season 4 gameplay trailer
Apex Legends Season 4 gameplay trailer (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends was a surprise hit in 2019, coming out of nowhere to the enjoyment of many. It's still going strong and, as is usually the case, it's best experienced on PC. But not everyone wants to build their own rig, so here are the best pre-built PCs if you're going to play Apex Legends.

Plenty of options

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When it comes to finding a pre-built PC for Apex Legends, there's a lot to choose from. However, if I had to pick one to recommend to you, it'd be one of this list's mid-rangers, SkyTech's Archangel. Not only does it exceed the recommended specs for Apex, but it will also do well in other titles.

The Blaze II is a close second, but the extra bit to jump to the Archangel nets you double the RAM. Meanwhile, the CyberpowerPC — and even the iBUYPOWER to an extent — is definitely overkill for this game, while the HP and AVGPC barely scrape by.

The biggest downside to the Archangel is that it doesn't include any peripherals whatsoever, unlike some of the other picks. Thankfully, there are great mice under $50 and cheaper membrane keyboards to get you by. As for a monitor, you have many paths available to you, including second-hand markets.

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