Best Projectors for Business in 2022

As awesome as they are, something like a Surface Hub just isn't practical for a lot of businesses. Especially when you can get a projector to hook up to a laptop and share presentations and such while keeping the finance department happy.

There are a lot of projectors out there to choose from, but we've rounded up a few of the best to help you on your way.

LG Minibeam PH550

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LG Minibeam

Wanting a great projector for work doesn't necessarily mean it's going to stay in one place. Which is where something like the excellent LG Minibeam PH550 comes in.

PCMag has the lowdown.

The lightweight and portable LG Minibeam LED Projector (PH550) can project television shows thanks to its built-in TV tuner, has a wealth of connection choices, and boasts very good video and data image quality.

That image is 720p in resolution, which for a small projector is pretty good. It's easily portable and even has a built-in battery so you can literally use it anywhere you need to.

Toss in Bluetooth audio connectivity to project sound to some external speakers and even a TV tuner for those times you want to watch the World Cup at work! It's also well priced at around $510.

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When is a projector not just a projector? When you can interact directly with the presentations being shown through it. And that's what makes the Epson BrightLink 685W stand out.

TechRadar explains just why this is so good.

If you really want to wow at presentations, or turn a whole wall into an interactive whiteboard for brainstorming sessions, then the Epson BrightLink 685Wi is definitely worth considering.It's an interactive projector that allows people to draw, write and modify the items it projects onto a screen. It comes with a range of software to help you create these impressive projections, and can wirelessly connect to a huge range of devices.

Besides being interactive it's a short-throw projector which makes it perfect for smaller rooms. It is quite large, and expensive, though and it'll cost around $1,850. But it offers something almost no other projector does.

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Optoma UHD60


Strictly, this is targeted more towards the home entertainment user, but there are still reasons you might want a 4K-capable projector in business.

And this is one of the few good ones out there that doesn't cost a small fortune.

From Expert Reviews:

if you want to make the most of your 4K content you need a really big screen and the only way to get that right now without spending thousands of pounds is with a projector like the Optoma.

Besides 4K the Optoma also supports HDR10 and has an HDMI 2.0 connector for the best quality image. With a single DLP chip, there's no alignment and you can be up to 10-feet away from the image and enjoy lifelike colors and excellent detail. And at around $1,670 it's very affordable for a 4K projector.

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Philips PPX4010

Philips PPX4010

Meetings aren't always confined to one space, and if you're on the road a lot then a great, highly portable projector might be what you need. And this one from Philips will slip into your laptop bag.

TechRadar also highlights a hidden 'feature' of the PPX4010.

Philips has created a projector so small it could be used to surprise unsuspecting co-workers who were blissfully unaware that a meeting was in their future.

This projector is astonishingly small, but still has a full HDMI connection and only draws power over USB. It's not the highest resolution at 854 x 480 and its brightness is limited to 100 lumens, but it's hard to argue with the quality from something this compact. Especially at $219.

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BenQ MX570


If you're seeking an affordable, no-fuss projector that ticks the important boxes for your business, the BenQ MX570 is a great choice.

From ProjectorPoint

The BenQ MX570 is everything you want from a portable projector rolled into one low budget product. Boasting a brightness of 3,200 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 13,000:1, this projector is capable of delivering a bright and clear image in pretty much any meeting room, regardless of ambient light.

Not having to sit in a seriously dark room is a blessing, and the XGA resolution provides a quality result. It can also be controlled over LAN as well as HDMI. Not bad for $440.

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