Best Rugged Cases for Surface Go Windows Central 2021

Microsoft's Surface Go and refreshed Surface Go 2 are designed to be as portable as possible, so you'll no doubt be tempted to take them with you wherever you go. They're built well, but they're nevertheless susceptible to drops and scrapes. That's why there are some quality rugged cases available, which we've rounded up right here. Thanks to the Go and Go 2 sharing the same dimensions, these cases should work on either device.

UAG Metropolis

Rugged Premium Protection: UAG Metropolis

Staff Pick

The UAG Metropolis offers thick padding on corners to protect against drops, as well as a full rear cover to prevent scratches and scrapes. The built-in stand takes over for the Go's stand, but it still props it up at a suitable angle. Ports and cameras are left uncovered, and there's a Pen holder along the top. This case is compatible with a Type Cover.

SupCase UB PRO

Budget Protection: SupCase UB PRO

Like the UAG Metropolis, this case brings padded corners, a Surface Pen holder, and a full back with its own stand taking over for the Go's built-in stand. However, it costs significantly less, great if you're trying to stick to a budget. Ports and cameras remain uncovered, and it's compatible with an attached Type Cover.

$25 at Amazon
MoKo Rugged

Keep the Stand Free: MoKo Rugged Cover

MoKo's affordable, rugged case delivers corner drop protection, a side Surface Pen holder, and compatibility with a Type Cover. But instead of having a full rear, it leaves the Go's stand free to extend out. Ports and cameras are left uncovered, and there's even a clasp for the keyboard to help keep it closed.

$26 at Amazon
Kensington BlackBelt

Pen Tether Included: Kensington BlackBelt 2nd Degree

Can't keep track of your Surface Pen? The BlackBelt has a tether and side Pen holder to ensure it doesn't get left behind. Thick corner padding protects against drops, and there's a built-in handle on the back to make use while standing easier. The Go's stand remains uncovered for full movement, and it's compatible with an attached Type Cover.

UAG Plasma Surface Go case

Hand and Shoulder Strap: UAG Plasma

UAG's Plasma rugged case adds an adjustable hand and shoulder strap, making this a great option if you're spending time in the field. You get thick padding on the corners, a full back with its own kickstand, and a Surface Pen holder along the top. Despite all the armoring, it's fully compatible with an attached Type Cover.

Targus SafePort

Full Protection: Targus SafePort

The Targus SafePort takes things to the next level, offering thick corner padding, removable hand strap, Surface Pen holder, built-in stand, and protection that extends out to cover an attached Type Cover. It leaves ports and cameras open for business so that you don't lose functionality despite all the protection.

$44 at Amazon

If we're making some suggestions

Any of the rugged cases listed above will deliver a lot of protection to your Surface Go or Surface Go 2, but if you're wondering where to start, we can make some further recommendations.

The UAG Metropolis is a tested and true solution, bringing robust protection and durable design. It covers nearly every part of the Go except the display, with a custom metal kickstand, thick corner drop protection, and a Surface Pen holder along the top. You won't lose function of the cameras and ports, and it's all compatible with a Type Cover.

If the Metropolis is a bit too pricey, be sure to check out the SupCase UB PRO. It shares a very similar design, yet it costs less than half as much and still delivers reliable protection. Still in search of some other great accessories for your Go and Go 2? Check out our collection of the best accessories available now.

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