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Best Surface Go Accessories for Artists

Surface Go (opens in new tab) is a sketchpad-sized tablet great for both quick sketches and more grandiose art pieces. While you won't be doing complex 3D modelling on this svelte PC, it's more than capable of handling high DPI pieces in Photoshop. Its small size makes it great as a portable sketchbook, with soft edges designed to feel comfortable in the hand.

If you're getting serious about Surface art, there are some accessories you should consider picking up to improve the experience. One of our favorites is the Surface Pen (opens in new tab), which allows for 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, complete with tilt support for shading. Surface Go also has magnets on the side to store your Surface Pen comfortably when not in use. Check out our full Go review for more details.

Bring the art

Whether you're just looking for something for casual sketches or something more ambitious, Surface Go is the perfect entry-level drawing tablet for aspiring artists. As someone who spends a bit of time drawing as a hobby, you'll definitely need the Surface Pen (opens in new tab) and some spare tips (opens in new tab) to go with it. I'm also using the TomToc sleeve (opens in new tab) listed above, and can vouch for its quality and durability.

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