Best tempered glass screen protectors for Surface Book

Updated February 4, 2017: We've refreshed this list with a few new options to ensure you're still getting the absolute best tempered glass screen protector for your Surface Book.

Tempered glass is four times harder than regular glass, so using it as a screen protector for your Surface Book seems like a no brainer. There aren't too many tempered glass screen protectors on the market for the Surface Book, which is why we've rounded up the best of the best just for you.


Megoo has two options when it comes to tempered glass for your Surface Book — you can grab the standard, clear glass for lots of protection, or you can go for the blue light filter that will simultaneously cut down on eye fatigue and damage.

The kit comes with everything you need for bubble-free application, and the protector has cutouts for the speakers, microphone, and IR camera. Users report easy installation, and following they can hardly tell the 0.2mm thick screen protector is there.

Pick up this tempered glass screen protector if you prefer a bit of a blue light filter for your device.

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This oleophobic and hydrophobic tempered glass screen protector does a great job of cutting down on the oil from your fingers transferring over to the screen, while its 0.26mm thickness keeps touch sensitivity intact.

Those of you who prefer having a cutout for the front-facing camera on your Surface Book will love this option — it features a wide area for the IR camera, front-facing camera, and microphone. There are also two cutouts for your speakers.

Users report that installation is easy, and once it's on, it stays on — rest assured there's also a lifetime warranty. The kit includes everything you need for a satisfying, bubble-free installation.

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Want a lifetime guarantee for your tempered glass screen protector? This is how you get a lifetime guarantee. Just tell ZAGG it broke, and they'll send you a new one and a return envelope for the old one.

Users report that installation is easy and bubble-free, and they have a hard time noticing it's there once it's on. If you want something that will last forever and don't mind paying a bit more for it — this one costs about $65 — you have to go with the ZAGG protector.

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IQ Shield

IQ Shield's logo is an angry gorilla. Let's just start with that. Picture a slippery little mongoose coming to scratch up your Surface Book's screen and then, imagine that angry gorilla's reaction.

That's essentially what you can expect from your IQ Shield tempered glass screen protector. It goes on easily, stays on, and protects your Surface Book's screen like a bulletproof vest. That's not a simile; IQ Shield's protector is ballistic glass, which means it is (in essence) bulletproof.

So, you know, the next time you have your Surface Book at the shooting range, you're covered. Not that we recommend trying it out. Oh, yeah, there's also a lifetime warranty.

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Skinomi Tech Glass

The Skinomi Tech Glass tempered glass screen protector is ultra-thin, just like the IQ Shield, at only 0.33 millimeters thick. It's also oleophobic, meaning it's oil-resistant, so you won't leave fingerprints and scuffs and smears all over the screen.

Thanks to its ultra-thin profile, Tech Glass won't hinder the touch capability of your Surface Book, so you'll have full functionality and full protection at all times. The nice thing is that once it's on you can't really tell there's a screen protector there at all.

Skinomi Tech Glass comes with a handy installation kit to help you get it on right the first time because we all know how much of a pain in the derriere screen protectors can be. If it happens to break, you're covered under a lifetime warranty.

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What are you using?

Are you using a tempered glass screen protector on your Surface Book? Have you run into any problems with it breaking on application? Did any bubbles disappear after a few days? Let us know.