Best Twitter client Tweetium 3.0 officially launches for Windows and Windows Phone

Many of us at Windows Central have been using Tweetium for Windows Phone and Windows for months now, but the Windows Phone Twitter client was technically in beta.

No more as starting today, the Windows Phone app is no longer beta and both have jumped in version numbers to 3.0. What's more, a brand new color accent scheme is now in place, making these Modern apps even more appealing.

Brandon Paddock, the developer behind the Tweetium apps, is never shy about giving detailed changelogs. Version 3.0 is no exception as the app has had some significant improvements over the last 24-hours.

Tweetium 3.01 for Window and Windows Phone

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  • First official release on phone!
  • New theme system!
  • You can now choose from a set of background colors and pair it with your choice of accent color (or none at all!).
  • Multiple photo upload is now supported
  • Added "Start at last read" option
  • This will load to your last read position, up to about 200 tweets back (the most Twitter will provide in one request).
  • Connect+ is now enabled by default for all Pro users
  • More improvements to this coming via server updates soon
  • Updated UI for profiles (particularly in portrait layout)
  • Many UI and layout tweaks throughout the app
  • Last read indicator is now attached to the top of the last read tweet, to help keep it from going under scrollbars
  • Performance improvements
  • Reduced battery and bandwidth usage
  • Reduced occurrences of (non-stream) rate limit errors
  • Fixed image embedding for conversation entries with multiple images
  • Worked around a phone-only OS bug causing secondary touch contacts to trigger accidental thread expansions or button/link presses.
  • Cancel pending thread expansions when moved off-screen
  • Workaround for unmute function being undone by mute roaming
  • All assets are now available at all scale sizes on phone
  • Updated logo
  • Fixes to loading and position restoration
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the view to continuously try to load new tweets when near the top
  • Fixed a bug with the CommandBar foreground color for black background with gray accent
  • Fixed a bug which could cause redundant color entries to appear in the color selectors
  • Fixed a problem where search box suggestions could be missing if capital letters were used

Tweetium is a true universal app for Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 making the one-time purchase of $2.99 for both apps a substantial deal. It also means that your last-read, configuration, and even color schemes are synced between the Windows and Windows Phone versions. It is the perfect example of Microsoft's one-app paradigm.

Tweetium is also gloriously fast and maintains a high 4.7 rating (out of 5) on the Store, which is almost unheard of these days.

Tweetium runs for $2.99 and optionally, you can choose to buy Tweetium Pro on top of that price to enable more accounts, TweetMarker, and push notifications. Some of you may cringe at paying for a Twitter client especially with some solid free ones on the Store. However, for some of us who rely on Twitter professionally, dropping some cash on this app is a no-brainer. In short, you know if you need Tweetium or not. If the cost is out of your range, you are not the target demographic, so jump back to your free apps and enjoy.

For myself, Sam Sabri and other writers here at Windows Central, we use Tweetium quite a bit and think it is worth a look if you are serious about Twitter. Grab 3.0 below and let us know what you think of Tweetium in comments!

QR: tweetium

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Love this app! What a great Christmas gift!
  • Daniel, take a moment to celebrate! This is the 4th story today. Great alp though.
  • I wish it had a trial, I hate buying apps without trying them. Can or do you have a video showing us this app and how well it works?
  • We'll do that later this week.
  • Ok thanks
  • The UI broken for Lumia 1520. Right?
  • I use a 1520 and have no issues with it. Not sure what you're referring to?
  • Yeah i have a 1520 & seems to be working fine, though im not sure i like it as much as my other twitter apps. Might be that im just not familiar with it yet. Time will tell!
  • In situations like this here is what i do and fix the problem: - Uninstall the app - Restart the phone - Install the app again. :)
  • Hi Sosan, the 1520 is actually my main device, and one of the devices the UI is specifically tuned for. What sort of problem are you seeing? You can also reach me at the support e-mail to help with any issues you may have.
  • Ask the author for that feature. He listens.
  • Thanks
  • Yeah feel like they are Total cons when they refuse trial and want money straight away. Even my local pub lets me try my beer before I commit.
  • Uh you're aware Tweetium just can't hand out unlimited Trials each Trial use uses up Twitter tokens(imposed by twitter) this is a CAP on Tweetiums userbase. Trials eat into that cap. so If you try the app don't like it never use it you've effectively killed someone elses chance at using the app Blame Twitter not Tweetium. In fact go Tweet Twitter right now and ask them to build an official proper WindowsPhone app
  • I forgot about this limit. This is true.
  • Actually a dev can bypass that token limit. See falcon for Android. It uses custom tokens and every user has a different token. So no one goes above limit.
  • I​f true that is a blatant violation of Twitter's terms-of-service and is likely to get them blocked permanently. Tweetium strives to conform to Twitter's policies. However, the trial version (currently only on PC/tablet) uses a different "bucket" of tokens, in a way permitted by their TOS.
  • This app is awesome!
  • There is a proper twitter app for windows phone like the facebook one and it works perfectly fine..
  • If you're happy with MS's "official" app, then that's great! But for many of us it just doesn't cut it :-)
  • This^
  • Uh who said anything about unlimited trials?
  • I think he meant "an unlimited number of trials", not unlimited as in no time limit. Each trial user eats up an authentication token, which is likely what he meant. Though as I said above, the trial version (currently only on PC/tablet) uses a separate bucket of tokens versus the actual app.
  • Hi there. The PC/tablet version a​ctually has a 7-day free trial. I didn't have time to enable a trial on Phone in time for launch, but will be looking into it in the near year. I'll also be putting up some videos to go with a big update to the app's website. My priority was getting 3.0 and the official Phone release solid for launch (just) in time for Christmas :-)
  • Ok thanks, I'll take a look.
  • Good work, Brandon!
  • We can tell you that this is the best twitter app ever been using it for awhile now.... This app is quick
  • People get obsessed with this app but it's not really that great. Unless you want to spend an extra $10 a year you don't even get notifications for favorites or followers. I purchased this app and I really hardly ever use it. I actually get notifications the proper way with the official Twitter app and it works great. I do enjoy Tweetium on my Surface Pro, but honestly I much more prefer going to the actual twitter website. The only advantage this app really has is the ability to see people's stupid Instagram photos, which you can't even do on, but 99% of the time you don't want to see that nonsense anyway.
  • First twitter app downloading as a secondary choice
  • No carrier billing in my country, so is impossible to purchase the app
  • Same here
  • Same here
  • Same...can't pay for any app here
  • I can pay by credit pr debit but I don't have one
  • Try gift cards. :)
  • I believe credit card is available in your country.
  • Awesome. Downloading already
  • Notification?
  • Merry Christmas everyone.
  • Merry Christmas
  • I need a trial option if I need to buy that app as I already have glƏƏk! App for twitter.
  • How hard was it to copy and paste those weird letters
  • Well it was somehow stored in auto suggestions
  • "Pro uses a subscription model (though one which does NOT automatically renew) for a few reasons.
    Some features of Pro, like TweetMarker sync and Newseen integration, have a recurring cost to support. The other reason is that Twitter imposes a hard limit on the number of users a third-party app can ever have. Once this limit is reached, Tweetium will no longer be able to support new users. Other apps which have encountered this limit have been abandoned by their developers. One goal of Tweetium Pro is to help support Tweetium after the limit is reached.
    Your continued support is truly appreciated! Why does Pro cost extra? Pro allows us to provide features which cost us extra. For example, TweetMarker costs us a monthly fee to access the service, and providing instant push notifications requires a growing number of cloud-based servers. Also, because Twitter limits the number of Twitter user accounts which can ever sign into Tweetium, each account you sign in with will reduce the number of app sales we are able to make in the long run. Once the user limit is reached, we'll be unable to sell new copies of Tweetium. At that point, this recurring charge will enable continued support and development of the app and related services. We hope that those who love our app and use it every day will support continued active development of Tweetium by paying less than the cost of two lattes every year that you actively use it If you have questions or feedback about the Tweetium Pro offering, please e-mail us!"   Also see my comment on Twitter tokens above
  • Thanks for this information. It helped me to understand a lot
  • Sam sabri's twitter profile is in their app description screen shots... Cute
  • Lol
  • They want money for it but they want more money to give me notifications? You are right. Only those who get work to pay for Tweeting can afford this luxurious app.
  • The app is extremely cheap ($3 for all Windows devices and no upgrade charges). That's possible because the services with expensive and on-going costs, like running push notification servers, are covered by the $7.99 a year Pro add-on. I think this compares favorably with competitors like TweetBot, which charges $28 (for phone+tablet+PC) plus charges for major version upgrades (and has neglected their tablet version). ​I hope that helps explain the pricing model! ​ ​
  • Where did you get that pricing for Tweetbot? It's 4.99 USD for iPhone, 2.99 USD for iPad, and 12.99 USD for Mac... That only comes up to 20.97 USD for all. Granted you'd need to purchase them separately, but all the features that you'd otherwise need to pay the "Pro Version" for are there... Their major version upgrades are few and far between... I would really like to support Tweetium but the reason for having a separate "Pro" payment isn't justifiable...
  • Hope you remember this rant the next time you buy a cup of coffee.
  • So far no coffee maker has charged me for sugar or milk. When they do, I surely will rant about that. No excuse for charging customers price for essential seconds. Push notifications aren't something new or innovative. Its been around for years. Its something a consumer on smartphone expects to just be there with app. You cant charge separately by any ethical means. You are telling me when I go for coffee next time, I should pay for coffee and then for cup separately? Right.
  • No, I'm telling you to stop making a huge deal over what is basically the same cost of a cup of coffee for two days. The developer explained why there were costs and what it covers.
  • Totally ok for paying for an app. Not ok, for $7.99 add-on for things that are meant to be standard for any app of this value. If you look around on every OS, any app that charges so much, doesn't have in-app purchases of "essential" features as an annual subscription of $7.99! Apps like these make others deter coming to WP because what essentially should be cheap or free is priced ridiculously high! Last thing we need is "WP of course doesn't have apps but whatever good ones it has are like $10 a year!"
  • "Apps like these make others deter coming to WP".
    That had to be the most absurd statement I've read all day.
  • Oh, now its two cups of coffee? Your justification is rapidly falling apart.
  • There aren't enough super computers in the world to accurately calculate the amount of fucks I don't give about what you think in regards to my justification.
  • :-) Love this comment! ^   I use MetroTwit - but this has been abandon by its devs after hitting the token limit.  Based on the numerous helpful comments in this thread from the Tweetium devs I'm downloading now - if only more authors (especially MS ones!) were so communicative:-)  Thanks.
  • Rockstarzzz, it isn't physically possible for me to offer push notifications to all Tweetium users today. The number of Azure instances required would be ridiculous. Just servicing the current set of Pro users requires more than half a dozen servers. If I were Twitter, then I could offer them easily. As it stands, I'm one guy, and there isn't a single other third-party app on Windows or Windows Phone that offers true real-time push notifications (a couple of them fake it but I'm not counting that). Pro also offers other features, like the richer Connect view, which use substantial additional server CPU, bandwidth, and storage - all of which have to be paid for. Another factor to consider is the cost of the app. At $2.99 (for now) for all Windows devices, the base app is a steal. With the $7.99 a year subscription (which also applies to all devices), it's still less cost over time than competing apps on other platforms (i.e. TweetBot). TweetBot is $28 for iPhone+iPad+Mac and charges for upgrades (so also a recurring cost). Even if Twitter gave me access to their more scalable site stream API (which would make it physically possible to support the *current* non-pro user base), running and maintaining servers for non-Pro users would be a major financial impact. As it stands, the app already doesn't come close to earning enough to make up for the time and cost invested, so adding ongoing costs to support users who only paid $3 (of which I get to keep about half after the Store cut and taxes) one-time is not something I'm going to consider. If you can find a coffee shop which will deliver coffee to your house every day forever for just one $3 payment, I'll reconsider :-)
  • I really love this app, which has become my preferred twitter client on both phone and laptop/tablet. Provisioning the infrastructure to support push notifications and the other extra services that come with the Pro version is a continuing cost for the developer, which makes the subscription charged by Brandon extremely good value. The WP community should cherish and support its best developers and not be churlish if they are just covering their costs.
  • You've got less than 100k users, you're doing something wrong if you need 6 azure instances. You have scalability and sustainability issues. You're basically telling us you can't afford to keep your infrastructure running long term. For these reasons, I'm out.
  • dgabriel - Believe me, I'm not doing anything wrong. There's a reason nobody else offers push notifications. Twitter doesn't provide the APIs necessary to offer them, unless you are on a special list (which I've yet to have any traction getting on). So the best solution available within their restrictions is what I'm doing. Hint: The scaling limitation is not a CPU usage issue, it's active network connections. It scales fine for Pro users, but yes, as I said, it has scale limitations which mean I cannot offer them to everyone and certainly not for free. That's just reality. I most certainly do not have any sustainability issues, nor any problem with affording to maintain the Pro services, including geo-distributed tracking instances and frontend servers (which is one of many reasons your comment about 6 instances being too many is really out of touch with reality). I'm actually very conservative in my scale planning and budgeting. The biggest risk that's always looming is that Twitter will decide to further discourage third-party apps. But so far they've not taken any steps either way in the year+ that I've been working on Tweetium, and the most anyone can do is hope it stays that way. ​ ​ ​
  • Dude you are the man and well done on all the hard work creating something amazing. These bitching moaners have no idea the hours and hours you have ploughed into this and they go through life expecting everything to be handed to them for free. Like the author said wrong demographic, these people should go where they belong, $30 android phone full of free apps jam packed with ads and behavior tracking codes. Your app kicks ass don't be discouraged by the selfish peasants who don't recognize the massive contribution you are making to our ecosystem
  • A ton of in app purchases?
  • Only the 'pro' sub to give multiple account support and notifications. Really is a great Twitter app, been using it through the beta (& as a Win8 app on my laptop thanks to it being universal). Good to have another dedicated, passionate, and responsive dev in the WP community.
  • Just one! The Tweetium Pro add-on is $8/year, and applies to all Windows devices where you use Tweetium. It enables multiple account support, push notifications, a richer Connect view (powered by my push servers), and more. So $3 for standard app on PC/Tablet/Phone with no charge for upgrades, and optional $8/year for Pro services. Compare to $28 plus upgrades for TweetBot on Apple platforms and I think it's a great deal. ​ ​
  • I thought twitter blocked 3rd party apps
  • Nope, just put a severe limit on their reach.
  • Me too
  • Snapchat or Twitter?
  • F*ck Snapchat!
  • Is it that good than official one?? Then I'll Try...
  • Hope I'm able to download it haven't been able to redownload the beta for 4 weeks now
  • Looks... Nice :)
  • If u want a good twitter client get this one. I'm using it since beta and it was awesome.!
  • I'm buying cause I don't even get notifications anymore from the official twitter app
  • You won't get notifications on this one either even after paying $3. You must pay $8/year to get notifications. Go figure.
  • Yap I know I just paid for it all. Thanks for the info though. Merry Christmas
  • I was disappointed that it does not have any option to schedule tweets in the future.
  • Great app from a great Dev! :)
  • Sorry, but after buying several twitter apps, and cant redownload after 100000 token cap that twitter has. Im done buying these apps
  • Agreed. The official app is more than adequate anyway.
  • Waiting for the Video review :)
  • Does this better than Gleek or Cowlick?
  • Disappointed that it buy first. Had nothing but bad experience with having buying first.
  • no trial? at least put ads for free version. hope this one not going down to drain like mehdoh. i like mehdoh but since i switch to L830, i can't download it anymore. RIP Mehdoh.
  • Hi there. The app has a 7-day trial for PC/Tablet. I didn't have time to enable a trial on Phone for launch, but will look into it in the new year. Twitter makes it impossible to offer ad-supported third-party apps.
  • good to hear that. your twitter app looks great. But after one by one twitter app i've bought going to drain due to twitter stupid token policy, it's kinda hard for me to commit to buy another twitter app. it's good if we have a trial ride for your app. hope your twitter app can survive.
  • You need to subscribe for push notifications? :(
  • Hope we will receive full version apps for Christmas lol
  • You are good sales person Daniel. You recommend, I buy. This is just what I needed.
  • Sorry! Twitter blocked me...!
    Merry Christmas..
  • That's such a nice app! Best Twitter client no doubt.
  • I hope they can do a promotion like free for 24 hours
  • The screen shots show the home, hash etc. Symbols nicely spread out however my 1520 has them bunched up on the top left of screen. Is this right?
  • The 1520 has more screen space, so the nav bar by default has some empty space. You can use this to pin additional views, like your favorite lists, searches, profiles, or any favorites/followers/etc views. Just long-press on the navbar icon/tab and select "pin". Hope that answers your question!
  • It's pretty decent Twitter client but is still not good looking. Needs some UI work.
  • Not free
  • Is that sam sabri Twitter account in the examples of the app haha
  • wow,this great app for friends.....
  • This is the best twitter client there is on WP. Brought this back October, glad to see it's finally out of beta.
  • Awesome! Love Tweetium. Been wondering when he'd make changes to the theme system. He hasn't touched it in a long time.
  • Won't work on 1520 on 8.1 Cyan. Either crashes, icons flicker and disappear of gives an error message about connection limits.
  • Hmm, that's the phone and firmware I use daily. This is the first I've heard of anything like that. If it fails to connect with an error from the network or Twitter it will try a couple of times, then should display an error message. Can you please e-mail me using the support link (support at with more details and maybe a screenshot of what you see?
  • I did have a user send me a log demonstrating a rare error which you could have also hit. A fix should arrive in the store shortly.
  • lol
  • Daniel, what are those solid free options you are talking about? Checking the WP store quickly, I've found lots of random apps searching for twitter or twitter client, maybe around two of them were free twitter apps after all.
    I'm suggesting a Twitter client Round-Up, separating free ones from paid ones and giving a good overview for WP and W customers. Cheers
  • What will happen if it reaches 100k limit?
  • It won't. It's hard for paid apps (on Windows especially) to hit that limit, and it's a long ways off. If it gets a third or half way there I'll have to start raising the price for new users, and eventually it will go higher to slow new users to a trickle. At that point the Pro subscription will sustain the app and services. That said, it's a long way from me worrying about that.
  • Does this connect in People hub? What I'd really like is that Twitter beta from like months ago that had the large images in the People hub and was in the Share to menu. Wtf happened to that?
  • Unfortunately MS does not provide a way for 8.1/WinRT apps to integrate with t