Best Xbox Gaming Headsets Under $100 Windows Central 2020

Video game headsets are awesome, but getting a quality video game headset for less than $100 is even more awesome. Thanks to increased competition due to the Fortnite phenomenon (seriously), you can now grab seriously good headsets cheaper than ever before, and we've rounded up some the best we've tested right here.

Impossible value: Turtle Beach Atlas Elite

Staff Pick

The Atlas Elite from Turtle Beach feels premium in every sense of the word, with truly impressive audio tuning and quality, exceptional materials and construction, and supreme comfort. It's missing some of the higher-end features like 7.1 surround, and voice monitoring, but I am still a little stunned that this headset is as cheap as it is.

$99 at Amazon

Hyper alternative: HyperX Cloud II

Honestly, the battle between the HyperX Cloud II and the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas effectively comes down to aesthetics. Both headsets sport great sound, great construction, and excellent comfort, all with a similar price point. The Cloud II is an excellent piece of kit that won't disappoint.

$99 at Amazon

Great budget wireless: Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The Stealth 600 might not have the greatest sound or materials, but it is incredibly feature-rich, and ticks all the boxes for those looking for a no-nonsense wireless sound solution for their console. Connecting directly to your Xbox without any dongles or extra radio sensors, this is arguably the best budget wireless headset.

$99 at Amazon

Budget choice: LucidSound LS20

As far as cheaper alternatives go, the LucidSound LS20 is an excellent choice for those not wanting to break the bank. With rock-solid construction, decent audio, and a surprisingly capable microphone, the LS20 is one headset that won't disappoint in the cheaper price bracket.

$30 at Amazon

Light 'em up: HyperX Cloud Alpha

This is another option in the higher-end range, with a unique dual-chamber configuration for truly sensational audio. Big red aesthetics may be your bag too (oh, and the Cloud Alpha also comes with a carrying bag, sweet.)

$99 at Amazon

Go green: Astro A10

The Astro A10 is a cheap and cheerful alternative to the more expensive wireless A20, boasting some great gaming features like a flip-to-mute microphone and decent sound quality. A lot of people prefer Astro for its soft over-ear cups and rich sound tuning, and the A10 delivers these signature features on a budget.

$50 at Amazon

Great headsets on a budget

If I had to recommend just one product from this list, it would be the impeccable Turtle Beach Atlas Elite, which has some of the best design and construction work across the entire industry right now, with sound quality to match. The large speakers are packed with airy memory foam, and the robust aluminum headband ensures longevity.

On the wireless side, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 may not be the most impressive on the audio side, but the wireless convenience is undeniable. With a beefy battery and direct-to-Xbox connectivity without any dongles or additional USB adapters, this headset is a big win for people who want to ditch cables.

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