LucidSound LS10X review: A decent headset that should probably be cheaper

LucidSound is a preferred brand of mine, and I was curious to find out how well the firm handled mid-range headsets. I think they miss the mark a little, despite the LS10X being rather decent.

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LucidSound is an excellent headset brand, making my personal favorite Xbox headset in the form of the LS35X. The LS35X is a pricey option, though, with all the bells and whistles you might expect of a headset north of a $150. Increasingly, headset manufacturers are producing great products on the mid- and lower-ends.

The LS10X is the first "budget" headset from LucidSound I've reviewed, and although it's a decent option, I had expected it to be a little cheaper.

What you'll love about the LucidSound LS10X

The LucidSound LS10X is $60, which should generally put a limiter on expectations. Still, increasingly competing manufacturers are driving prices down while keeping quality high, so I was curious if LucidSound was able to achieve the same.

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Speaker type50mm, over-ear
Frequency response20 - 20,000 Hz
FeaturesOn-ear volume controls, mic mute, detachable mic

The LS10X is listed with "Xbox and mobile" compatibility, but the 3.5mm cable allows it to be used across basically everything. I used it on my Windows 10 PC without any issues, as expected. The compatibility listing is probably a licensing thing only, but rest assured, you can use this on anything with 3.5mm.

The best thing about this headset by far is its sound. LucidSound's signature audio quality doesn't disappoint on this headset, which has balanced tuning for both gaming and media. The separation and clarity aren't as impressive as some of their more expensive headsets, but it certainly defied my expectations. The microphone audio quality is excellent as well.

The headset itself is comfortable to wear, too, with lightweight materials and a decent amount of cushioning across the earcups and headband. The on-ear controls are convenient, also, with a mic mute button (complete with notification LED) and a volume control dial.

What you'll dislike about the Lucidsound LS10X


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One thing I often do when I'm reviewing a headset is to estimate its value without looking at the price, and given the build-quality and materials on the LS10X, I had figured it would be around $40. It turns out it's $60, and I'm not sure the construction matches the price tag.

The LS10X comes with swappable speaker plates, attached with a magnet. However, this magnet isn't particularly strong, and it's affixed with glue on the inside of the cup. The speaker plates themselves also have this circular notched texturing that attracts dust like crazy, on top of the glossy textures used throughout. Additionally, my review sample's speaker plate magnet was attached at an odd angle, making the speaker cover protrude. There's no reason to think that every unit is like that, but it typifies the general sense of lower quality that this headset has.

The headband is also a little on the flimsy-feeling side. I'm not sure how long it would last before it got broken, even if it is comfortable.

Should you buy the Lucidsound LS10X?

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

I may be spoiled by my access to LucidSound's pricier headsets, but I have to say I wasn't particularly impressed by what the company put out with this piece. It nails the audio quality and comfort. When you're wearing this thing, you won't be disappointed. However, considering the price tag, I was hoping for something that felt a little tougher and hard-wearing.

You wouldn't be breaking the bank by picking up the LS10X, nor would you be disappointed by the sound experience. Still, I can't help but recommend you save a few extra dollars and pick up a HyperX CloudX instead, which is punching far higher above its weight when it comes to build-quality in a wired headset.

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