Bethesda Softworks will invite fans to attend its E3 2016 press event

Bethesda Softworks is once again holding a big press event during E3 2016 in Los Angeles on June 12. The company is going to invite at least 1,000 people to come to the event, where they will be among the first to learn about the publisher's upcoming games.

Bethesda says:

But this is no ordinary Showcase. Along with new gameplay and electrifying updates, we've evolved BE3, adding a whole new part to the event: BE3 Plus. Immediately after the Showcase ends, attendees will enjoy a special Bethesda E3 experience, complete with game demos, hosted interviews and a variety of food and drinks. And, for those in attendance, we've even got a top-secret band taking the stage at 9pm PDT. You won't want to miss their performance!

If you are going to be in the LA area on June 12, and are at least 17 years of age or older, you can register at Bethesda's website before May 1 for a chance at being picked to attend. Bethesda will also be livestreaming the press conference for those unable to attend.

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John Callaham