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Bing introduces ad-free, more secure searching to US schools

Microsoft is rolling out the Bing in the Classroom program, which has just entered the second phase. Stage two will see a broad availability of ad-free and "safer" searching to all eligible K-12 public and private schools in the US. Advertising is stripped out and searches are prevented from being utilized for personalized advertising to help keep youngsters safe while online.

From Tuesday, qualified schools will be able to register for the free service that's being utilized by more than 4.5 million students. Check out in the above video how Microsoft is looking to change how kids in schools interact with the internet.

Source: TechNet

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Can the rest of the world perhaps get the normal bing features the US gets before projects like this get pushed!? They want to be considered as a google alternative and yet if you live outside the US you get a proper bare bones experience. For anyone who doesnt know what I mean, change your region to US in settings and do a search, FAR more useful inforamtion pops up... we just get a very basic search engine in the UK. Microsoft and other US companies need to learn that... they're not the only important market.
  • i totally agree but unfortunately the big money for all these companies are in the US market
  • Google launch all services worldwide at same time. If Google can do this, we expect Microsoft to do better!
  • The whole universe?
  • Nah! just the planet Earth.
  • Google Wallet payments? Tried buying GameEX using my standard debit card: didn't work. Thought to try adding funds to Wallet, as they did not accept PayPal. Google tells me that they don't support international payments. Whatever. Just wait until Microsoft makes their own payment service.
  • Bing is still in BETA here in Finland.. And it has been for a looong while. I still use it though, it just annoys me that we have NO additional features (well we have translator and image search) while they're actually developing new features all the time!
  • Just go to settings->worldwide and select US, then you get all the features.
  • But then it won't search for Finnish content, I had my Ativ S set to US but when I got a disease I had to change it back to Finland, as I couldn't find enough information from the US Bing.
  • Yes that's true, for local content it's really useless.
  • And then everything I search thinks im in the US.... if I type in 'nationwide' it brings up a US company rather than a bank, starbucks brings up their sites... etc etc, I tried it but it just gets extremely irritating and you have to spend even more time searching for stuff. I don't fully understand why different search engines are used for different parts of the world, when I search a singer for example, why does a wikipedia article show up on the right, images and videos appear etc on the US version yet this isn't possible for the rest of the world?
  • Yes you're right, I hope the Cortana rollout will solve this, but it's long overdue... if Cortana would use the Bing Beta (Live Search) she would be pretty useless here..
  • Here in Latin America is the same, I just can't stand why is Bing still in BETA when there has been like 3 years since it's launch, and we don't even have a specialized Bing for Peru (Machu Picchu), just so hateful
  • Prior reply comment is dead-on. Microsoft, as much as we all love functionality, has to stay ahead in the US market just because of how much we push into tech. I'm sure, though, those features will be launched well before 8.1 comes to light, my fellow MSFT fan. Patience, young grasshopper. :)
  • All of Windows Phone growth right now is in markets outside of America. Microsoft are riding their luck by ignoring that fact...
    The US is important, but it still only has a maximum market of 300 million or so. There are 3x that number of people in China alone (and their economy is growing at 7% per quarter!)
    MS needs to wake up and open Bing up to worldwide markets asap
  • Have you seem bing china, then you would not be saying that. Bing china features that are not even in beta in america. Msft has office 365 and azure in china, no pther company comes close to being in beta. Cortana will come in china and uk at the same time. So has a lot going in china. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Yep, I promote a lot of MS at our school (I'm the IT Manager) but MS does not make it easy for us outside of the USofA. Google has superior products outside the US... a little bit of me just died saying that, try harder Microsoft.
  • Yup...same thing I want to say...its just a shame for MS ...don't they care for the one who stands outside of US for MS...:'(
  • I wonder what the iPad-to-Surface ratio is for school's portable electronics...
  • higher for ipads off course due to the fact it has been out for much longer and a lot of learnign software exists for it. However this will change over time as budget tight schools question the need for a device that can be up to 3 times more expensive. I'm not saying it will be surfaces, but it may be android or windows, depending on which is cheaper. Yet another reason MSFT should re-evaluate its stance on the free windows. They need to basically give it away for all tablets, not just sub 9 inch ones.
  • Yes mr. Neonspark, the psudeo-fanboy, looking like a troll and who wants to look like a fanboy. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • so you're saying I'm fair and balanced. thank you.
  • Seriously even cortana is available only for US
  • No love ❤ for India
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  • Benchod everytime fucking US. Even aliens in movies attack US only.
  • Ya.. When world is under threat it means U.S. only.
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  • Where are your manners ?
  • Don't you know, when an American says "I travel the world"....he means U.S.
  • I had a friend who worked in a hotel in Montreal and there was a lady from the U.S. who was there on vacation or something and one night she came in the hotel lobby and asked my friend "the moon that you have in Montreal, is it the same moon as in the U.S.?" People in the U.S. even think the freakin' moon is U.S. only!
  • US has earned the right to be the number one. So many butthurts here.
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  • Not entirely true. Plenty of aliens attack the UK in Dr. Who.
  • Well Canada has the Canadian shield to keep it safe from alien attacks and horrendous weather events that's why we never get attacked.
  • Not true...Decepticons are everywhere...shhh...
  • Not if you watch DR who. Then the aliens attack the UK.
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  • Because Hollywood is in US only..
  • How about music update that was supposed to occur yesterday?
  • They have opened their feedback pages. So they might taking more time and working on that collecting and designing alll the features we consumers have demanded.
  • I don't mind them taking their time to do something right. I do mind having a quarter of my music unplayable because it's not recognized by the app. I don't even want to listen to music at all because I don't want the continuos Wi-Fi and/or data usage. Why can't I just listen to my own music?
  • Thank you MS, this is great. Does Google have something similar?
  • Google comes with free FERPA violations
  • This is a great idea 1) if it was world wide. 2) if it was for all students with an .edu address. Google stays afloat due to a lot of habitual patterns. the younger crouds would be more suited to change their search preferences if not rooted in a decade of "googling" because there was nothing else.
  • Meanwhile, in the rest of the World, people use Google. And deservedly so.
  • Yee because i live in jamaica and us bing, but i am not the rest of the world. Do you knw that goog makes 66% of ad revnues from uk and us? Yeah for the rest of the world, but not china-baidu, russia-yandex, and so on. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Bing is also pathetic in the UK. So your point is void. And no, you're not the rest of the World. You're one person who uses it outside the US against millions who don't.
  • +1 It's pathetic in Australia too. Amazingly it's even more pathetic on the Windows Phone via the search button, versus via the browser. I don't understand how I can get even less results on my phone than on the browser in my phone (using
  • Qualified schools? All schools should qualify.
  • We have a troll.
  • Can someone tell me how to get Bing to be fullscreen as in the picture? On my computer Bing is a smaller rectangle with a white border around it...
  • Buy a smaller monitor, or reduce your resolution :P The Bing images are 1366 x 768, so if your resolution is higher than that you'll see a background / border around it. That girl is probably using a Surface RT which is at that exact resolution... hence why it's full-screen.
  • I would love to have this for my house. It is always a crap shoot when the little ones search hoping that nothing bad will slip through the filters.
  • Indeed.  Family safety is a good start though. edit:  OpenDNS too.
  • not working in Pakistan
  • Welcome to the rest of the world, where Bing sucks.
  • Go to to show support for this.
  • Bing still doesnt find anything in Finland. Only big wonder why we use Google here....
  • Only for the USA?! o.O this is so new
  • While it is unfortunate this is only happening in the US (for now), I am glad that some company cares about schools and such. Working for a company that sells web filters which has schools as one of the primary customer bases, Google has made filtering of searches on their site (Search and YouTube) a complete disaster and near impossible for appliances that are out-of-line. Making everything HTTPS is obviously better for the normal consumer market, but makes it so kids in schools can basically search and do whatever they want on Google sites and services. I am glad Microsoft is working to make Bing more school friendly, because Google is making it harder and harder to do even the most basic control of searches on their sites.