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Blackberry Z10's camera, smoked by a Windows Phone

We've already taken a look at how the new Blackberry Z10 measures up against the Nokia Lumia 920 and now we'll take a gander at the camera. It's been well proven that the Lumia 920 performs rather well in low light situations. The optically stabilized, back-lit sensor pairs up nicely with the f2.0 lens to light up some of the dimmest situations.

The Blackberry Z10 is fitted with an 8MP, back-lit sensor and a f2.2 lens. While it lacks optical stabilization, on paper, the Z10's camera reads as if it can handle low light situations fairly well. Gizmodo had the opportunity to test things out and it appears the Z10 was not only smoked by a Windows Phone but also an iPhone and Android device as well.

Low Light Test

The test was simple, take a photo of an Assassin's Creed statue in a dimly lit room. No flash was used in the test. Even though the pictures appear to be taken at different angles, the results weren't impressive with the statue barely visible in the Z10's photo. The Lumia 920 performed the best with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII also out performing the Z10.

We're sure that our colleagues over at will be putting the Z10 through the ropes and we'll be sure to see how well the camera compares to not only the Lumia 920 but other smartphones. But for now, the Z10's camera doesn't appear to be a head turner.

Source: Gizmodo

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I guess all it's good for is phone calls because that camera is horrid
  • They pretty much skipped through the camera portion of the presentation it seems. 
  • yeah cuz all a phone can do is calling and takin pix... sureeeeeeeee
  • Here is a wonderful article that might open peoples minds a little bit.
  • These post smack of desperation.  A hail mary for relevance.
    Let Blackberry have it's day, people will choose what they will choose.
    All this "We are better at them at THIS...and oh yeah THIS!!!" reminds me of my playground days.
  • Welcome to Windows Phone news. Bloggers are so desperate for "news" that all they post is numbers and charts to make up for the fact that WP8 is not good enough.
  • And the trolls come out.
  • Got ourselves a BB lover haha
  • I personally am secure enough in the platform to think WP8 is "good enough". Which is why all this seems silly to me...
  • The world is more than you as is this site. This phone goes on sale tomorrow (UK). Seeing how well the camera stacks up is perfectly good inquirty for phone sites to engage in. What's unfair about it?
  • Any chance of daylight photos being compared?
  • These photos were from Gizmodo but yes, we'll do a proper "shoot out" with the Z10...I guess we'll have to wait though until BlackBerrry "has its day" :P
  • Times like these I wish you guys had a like button. I laughed out loud.
  • Take a look at the CrackBerry review as this is already there. I won't disagree that the lumia 920 has the best cameras out of the phone (and according to Kevin the lumia was only ok). The sg3 camera showed to be the worst out of the phone with the z10 and iphone about even and the lumia a slight advantage.
    Daniel I'm surprised you and your editors don't check CrackBerry. But I guess no all Web Site are 100% objective. So here's the link to crackberry's review:
    PS. I didn't see a blog about the wp8 phones having slower Web browsers, the were destroyed in the html5 test, sun spider and every other one and that article is nowhere to be found on gizmodo.
  • LOL...good job 
  • Does it look just OK to you.. It's Night & day (pun) difference. 
  • Sun Spider tests?  The miliseconds browser speed race is about as outdated as the CPU core race.  When it comes to mobile browsers, the only innovation I really care about now is which one can compress my data to make the most use out of my 200MB data plan.  Until AT&T implements DataSense, I'll be using Nokia Express which claims its saving me 85%.
    No wait, I'm sorry, please, have your day.  You BB fans deserve it for holding out so long.  Lets put aside that you just got a phone that can barely stand up to phones from November of last year, and won't even be released in US until March.  Honestly though, your fight isn't with us WP fans, go take it to the Android and iPhone fans.  I would actually like to see both WP and BB succeed, at the expense of the other two platforms.
  • Because data compression is innovative. Blackberry's have never ever had that. lol
  • Didn't the Lumia 920 destroy pretty much enything else in sunspider, but got totally destroyed in browsermark?
    Just shows you how reliable those benchmarks are....
    EDIT: found it:
  • Thank You!  This is one of the biggest gripes I have with WP7 (and I guess 8 too).  The browser performance is very underwhelming.  The WP8 html5 test scores are a little bit embarrassing too.  Couldn't they have at least made it better than iOS 5.1 which came out a year earlier.  Full disclosure, I have yet to try IE10 on WP8, but things like this make me question MS's commitment to the platform.
  • This is why I like this site. Other sites' editors, no matter how abusive the comment, would just reply with "thanks for the feedback," etc., etc.. But here, you get politley made fun of, or sometimes told, and I'm paraphrasing here, to "shut the f**k up."
  • don't worry, pictures quality is a software issue that will be fixed soon ;) Waiting to see a average quality browser on my WP device some time now, still nothing :( I also assume I can forget to use Instagram on WP as the developer is not even "Commited". 
  • How is it not good enough?
  • Please stop feeding the trolls! I would just like to remind everyone that its against policy to feed the trolls..... (this has been a public service announcement)
  • I'm sure this is what you'll do when you go buy yourself a new phone: read reviews, do comparisons, test out products at the store, touch, feel, look, smell taste, etc.. Now that is if you're a smart shopper. Do you see what I mean. Its good to do challenges against one another so you'll know the cons and benefits. By the way WP is good. Its mostly not good to the mainstream.
  • Welcome to Windows Phone news. Fans from other platforms are so desperate for "lulz" that all they post are immature comments to make up for the fact that their life is currently incomplete.
  • sweet answer.
  • If it makes you feel better thinking i have a hole in my life and the only way to fill it is to complain about blogs....well, i have a bridge i would like to sell you.
  • Did you even think before you posted. The article (with proof) was showing how WP was better then the new bb. Yet you claim it has to do with how WP isn't good enough.
  • I thought the same about letting them have their day until I read the camera specs... after that I was curious about the performance. At the the end of the day, it's a blackberry camera.
  • How else would your playground friends know if they wanted to hang out with you or one of the other kids without comparing first? Simple elementary.
  • @tavisdunn
    "These post smack of desperation.  A hail mary for relevance. Let Blackberry have it's day, people will choose what they will choose."
    No. Absolutely not. We're not a charity here. It's 100% legitimate to compare a new device that goes on sale tomorrow (UK) to other current phones on the market. What is this "ooo, let's all just hug it out". You put a phone on the market, you expect it to be compared. Why should BlackBerry get special treatment?  
  • This site needs a recomend button! +1 When Windows Phone 8 (any of them phones, especially the 920) were coming out no one said "hey guys lets stop comparing and just let WP8 have its day" so really why should anyone let anyone have their day unless they've earned it (which the Z10 currently isn't proving to me they've earned it).
  • Sure, maybe with the fist post i would accept that and if we were talking about genuine comparison, but we are at the point now where it looks like you guys are grasping at anything that puts you over the edge. Like there is going to be a flood of WP users flocking to BB and this site is the last defense to keeping market share. Obviously this site is geared towards one viewpoint, i totally get that, but understand that this total one sided viewpoint invalidates your opinion. Makes it hard to really value any sort editorial, knowing that wp=winning!
  • This wasn't even our story, it was Gizmodo's. On top of that it's the #2 trending story for our site traffic right now...people are interested and are reading it. We respond to what people want. A few complaints in comments can't sway that, sorry.
  • I see, i guess fair and balanced viewpoints is trumped by pageviews. Good to know going forward. Works for Fox news so why not wpcentral.
  • Fair and balanced viewpoints? They - Gizmodo by the way - took a picture of the same object with different devices under the same conditions and reported on it. The camera couldn't compete with the other three phones tested. Yes, be prepared for comparisons. Lots of them. Crackberry says WP stinks. Phil at Android Central scoffs at anything that isn't running Jelly Bean. Why? They can. Don't like it go elsewhere.
  • >Yes, be prepared for comparisons. Lots of them. Crackberry says WP stinks.
    yea, I read and watched the large full review of the Z10, just to see what is new. The reviewer was looking for ANY reason to pick on the Luima 920...or any other phone for that matter. When I read a review, I like a fair review and I felt that aspect of it was not fair in any way.
    I guess here we just care about WP, so in our minds we think the same thing..
  • Nobody is forcing you to read chap. If you want negative 100% bias crap then you have "The Verge", "Gsmarena" and at times "Engadget. I don't if you care about the camera or not but there are plenty people that do so this makes the point valid.
  • How is this unfair its simple facts with proof on the individual cameras. What the hell does fox news got to do with an article on bb camera?
  • Your argument is putting the cart before the horse.  WPC wouldn't have known about the popularity of the article without positing it in the first place.
    Similarly, the growth of social photo sharing combined with the decline of the point and shoot standalone camera market both point to the increased importance the average person has put on the quality of their smartphone camera.  It has nothing to do with Fox News style "fair and balanced", because WPC is simply reporting the test results, and also, unlike Fox News, they're not lying.
  • Actually if you want relevance on the was gizmodo.  Which btw I read about 5 hours ago.  you should go take your comment elsewhere if you want to talk smack @tavisdunn.  Oh Daniel I wasn't talking to you btw.  These ignorant people on here...sigh...  
  • Oh please. I'm not enough of a fanboy despite my investment of WP8/WinRT hardware and genuine love for the platform because i'm questioning motive and objectivity? If that is talking smack, then i will keep talking smack sir!
  • Dafaq is your problem man?? You don't like something doesn't mean others don't!! Plus I think its essential that new releases be compared to older/best of lot phones as people have limited buyin powers and many would buy a BB device tomorrow!
  • Tavisdunn, MANY people on the site are legitimately interested in comparisons... these are the two minor players and it is only natural to want to know how they stack up against each other. Also, you're being an ass.
  • There seems to be the misconception that I am against comparing devices. Comparisons are great. Cherry-picking posts from other sites that only highlight your chosen phone isn't really a truthful comparison is it? Look, I get we all like to think that the hardware choices we made are the right ones, but its far more constructive to look honestly at the competition at a whole to see what we can do better. Patting ourselves on the back gets us nowhere. I can't have been the only one rolling my eyes with every "this is why we are better than blackberry!" post today!?!?
  • Its the main camera... Its a moan feature of moder smartphones... A comparison in typical low light conditions across 4 different phones!... What's the are you smoking? Cherry picking?...
  • It's a shame that this is how Daniel (and the WP fans) respond here. I got grilled for making a similar statement some months back.  It was made clear to me that my opinion doesn't matter, and claims were made that by expressing my opinion I somehow implied the world revolved around me (as you were accused of here as well). As such, I mostly stopped posting. Hell, I mostly stopped browsing the site.Now I just check the twitter feed first and if there is some interesting information, I respond accordingly. The fact of the matter is if you have anything less than neutral to say about the platform or a device, the writers (Daniel specifically) tend to jump down your throat. I won't be responding to any of his stuff anymore even though I think a lot of what he says has merit and is worth reading (probably shouldn't be inflating the ego right now). Responses are often too reactionist for my taste.
    Sadly many tech blogs do this. I am an avid poster on various forums as I use iOS, Android, and more recently WP8, on a daily basis. If the blog has any stake in a certain platform, these things are going to happen. 
    EDIT: To those who don't understand (or choose not to) what Tavisdunn is saying, it is quite simple. It is not that this comparison is unfair, per se. It is that the camera is a clear loser in preliminary results, so let's just go and parade it on the site here. That is where the cherry picking comes in; i haven't even seen comparison of other features, but now that we have a feature that WP SMOKES, you best believe it's making headlines. Let's headline everywhere WP8 shines, and sweep the rest of the stuff under the rug. As mentioned, this happens everywhere, they are feeding their platform's fans the news they want to read, about how the platofrm they choose to support outshines the rest and almost never the opposite. And I commend Tavis for speaking up, knowing full well, from first hand experienced, that you all would be jumping down his throat calling hi a troll (the most overused word on the internet today).
    Definition of troll: a person who disagrees with my fundamental beliefs about anything and everything. LOL
  • Cherry picking? The title clearly stated that the BB's camera is smoked by WP and I would pressume it is just a comparison of camera ONLY, nothing else. If you want a comparison, there is another news about it on the front page, and if the readers are interested in the full comparison once the handset is available in the market, I am pretty sure Daniel will do it.
    If you have follow the WPCentral news you would have also noticed the posts here are not all just full of rainbows and praise, there are also posts that touch on the negatives.
  • Well said man, i totally agree.
    I love WP, i wouldn't have bought a lumia 900 last year, or upgrade to a HTC 8x a few weeks ago if i didn't...but there are serious problems with it. Patting out selves on the back cause we "win" one and not recognizing what our competitions does better than us, helps no one!
  • tavisdunn, believe me, I am not blind to the MANY aspects of WP that are shall we say... much less than steller.  Most of them at this point are directly Microsoft's fault.  I don't believe the site is either.  Sure, they will attempt to put a bit of a positive spin on it, as the site is aimed at fans of the platform.... just as Crackberry is aimed at Blackberry fans and will tend to put a positive spin on Blackberry stories.  But this site has posted many articles critical of Windows Phone and presenting perfectly valid comparisons of devices.
    As far as you "not being against comparisons", I don't know what other conclusion to draw from your silly complaints about an article that is posting a comparison of the camera specifically.  This did not claim that WP is much better than BB10... it simply showed one aspect of the two and compared them. 
    As Daniel has pointed out:
    (1) This comparison did not even source from WP.  Another site was able to get information on the camera performance, and that information is of interest to the site's readership. 
    (2) They have posted many, many articles today, and only four or so have been about BB10. 
    If this information is not of interest to you, you should move on rather than complain that the site's editorial content was not formed with your exact world view and preferences in mind.  This site serves a large readership, and it would not be possible for them to run every article by you to see if you would personally approve of it.  I'm quite certain the vast majority of us believe this article to be germaine information to the site's readership, and one of interest.  If you do not, that's fine.  Feel free to skip it.
    But to keep whining about a complaint that makes no sense to the rest of us implies that you feel your (minority) opinion on this matter should dictate the articles posted.  That is simply untrue.
    In short, you should probably "get over it".  The internet is full of much information, and not evey bit of it will be to your exact preference.  This is probably somehting you should get used to.  But this article is completely valid for the site to post.
  • Find somewhere else to troll, I'm tired of reading your uneducated comments. Why in hell wouldn't someone want to see side by side comparison on a feature offered by a new device? Your complaining about "fair and balanced" while the fact remains, the BB10 X10 camera is worse than any comparable phone in its class. This is important for some people who like to catalogue their lives and keep memories as best they can. Challenging a device in harsh conditions that we frequently confront while trying to do so is not an unreasonable request. Maybe you don't need to take photos in the board room, but not everyone looking to buy a BB10 device lives and dies in a meeting. I respect the reporting and the "fair and balanced" reporting of a device that took nearly 2 years to develop. Prolly why RIMM's stock started to crash halfway through the launch of their new product. It's not up to par with what was expected of them after so many delays... And I have no idea why DR (Daniel Rubino) has to justify this article to you so much... Again, go troll somewhere else, your comments are pithy and impossible to digest intellectually.
  • +100000000000000
  • Bb are just hoping for relevance cause their are in serious travel as a company
    .... So expect BB fans to troll or come with unreasonable expectations of "lets hug it out". That the way the phone market is now... BB has just been out for so long they forgot about it.
  • And this Is the reason why BB has, still, a bigger marketshare than WP....
  • They do have a bigger marketshare, but only if you count the BB7 etc, in fact its harsh to call the Asha phones non-smartphones while the blackberries are.
    What's going to be interesting here is seeing how BB develop, can they really sell a lot of high end handsets?  This Z10 is being sold at a premium price so goes up against the likes of the Lumia 920, for the non-fanboys does its hardware/software justify paying out £400+ (I see its more on contract then a Lumia 920).
    Or if that fails, can they really sell a lot of low end handsets and still remain in business?
  • Funny you should mention that, since BBOS7 is essentially the same to BB10 as WM is to WP. But let that not deceive you, there's bound to be a clear marker! (RiM suggests its HMTL5. Right.)
  • +1
  • Comparing devices isn't desperate. If "people will choose what they will choose", why do you even go on ANY site about mobile tech? Comparing is good for the whole industry, it makes competing products better. Further, you don't pay to read this site, so you really have no reason to complain on something that is free.
  • If you aren't paying for the product, you are the product. Look it up.
  • I agree. high five
  • @tavisdunn i get what your saying.. we cant pick and choose what makes our phones look good. But realistically speaking at the end of the day camera comparisons are perfectly all right, and even though to you its picking and choosing what makes it look good, does it make wp fail? if you truly invested money into the wp8/rt/8 platform then you know its only plausible to want to know what the competition offers because for blackberry we are potential converts and thats it. in this particular instance blackberry failed. they failed to wow their investors they failed to impress customers and the only viable place where they may have a shot is in enterprise as its always been. based on every blackberry ive ever owned the cameras were terrible and looking at this one it seems that its no different. im a tech lover and thats it if blackberry had created something i thought was worth switching for id switch but as it stands the more i see i am less and less impressed. and i know my personal opinion doesnt matter to you but what your doing coming on here and attacking wpcentral for reposting this or gizmodo for being "unfair in their comparison" just makes you seem mad. and i dont mean that with any disrespect. :D
  • Fair enough. I'm more annoyed than angry though. This site can be more than just a mouthpiece for windows phone. It can be a place for real discussion about the platform, so it's disappointing to see it taking the easy way out and not really hold itself to a higher regard. Granted there are other platform agnostic sites that do a good job if that so.... But I respect your opinion and you do make some valid points.
  • lol let blackberry have its day !! why its smartphone market you release a product you must expect it to be compared with other phones
  • How is it desperation? It's a fair look at how BlackBerry's latest hardware compares against Windows Phone. This isn't a "oh we're better than everyone!" mentality. Nor are we clutching at straws to make us giggle quietly in dark corners. We're reporting on facts that separate both platforms. Check out our Z10 vs Lumia 920 article. That runs through the specifications and deals the blow that the Z10 just doesn't bring any innovation to the table. It just doesn't. Looking at it from an iOS, Android or Windows Phone perspective. There's just nothing to get excited about. We're primarily a Windows Phone news website, but BlackBerry is billed as our main competitor (regarding marketshare and the "3rd position"). I believe it deserves some coverage while we look at just how much of a threat BlackBerry is. Plus, Windows Phone owners are extremely loyal and our readership enjoys reading our content on the topic. Now, that's not to say we're writing for pageviews directly, we're writing for what readers want, which means we're publishing content that gets read. If we fire up a BlackBerry article and it jumps up in activity, then of course we'd look at publishing a few more to further expand the coverage. If they weren't doing so well, then we wouldn't. We're not going to force feed you anything and you can always skip reading certain pieces. I can take all the constructive criticism in the world, but what you're suggesting (along with a select minority) is far from the truth.
  • I wish there was a like button. Comparisons are going to happen, they did for every wp8 device that came out and not once did we hear wait don't compare this to that its not fair its not balanced. This is just one comparison of many, I'm sure to come. Each device will win and lose. But it must be done so people can choose what's best for them, this article is very important to those who want an excellent camera on a phone. To say its nitpicking is just wrong as again this is a huge topic for every device because again lots of people want good cameras.
  • 1+
  • I'm suggesting wpcentral is a slanted one-side view on it's own platform. Unable to objectively look at the products it covers.
    Hardly far from the truth.
    Dude, you guys even used the "smoked" moniker. A term direct from Microsoft marketing. Maybe try harder? I know this isnt the nytimes, so it's held to a different (much much lower) standard....but come on.
  • So the nokia is a better camera phone and the BB is a better overall getting things done that doesn't crash on you phone?
  • The Beibs is better at something? Loloio!
  • Considering that even without these new devices BB has a higher marketshare than WP..... it seems that it is.
  • So... They've sold exactly How many z10s by now? Remember, difference between bb7 and bb10 is like between wm and wp.
  • I'm glad someone understands this.
  • I think you are confusing Nokia phones with every Android phone on the market :)
  • +1 million
  • I love wpcentral but these blackberry articles are starting to be a bit redundant. The first few were cool but now this is starting to get a tad annoying.
  • Agree 100%
  • I predict that by the end of the day, WPCentral will have a page worth of BB10 articles.
  • Well, your prediction will be wrong :P For the record this was only our 4th article dealing with BB, with one being a user poll, out of 17 articles we wrote today. I think that's balanced.
  • I enjoy the articles on BB10 and thank you guys for writing them.  A new release of Blackberry is VERY relevent to a Windows Phone fan's interests, because let's be honest, WP & BB are competing.  WP & Android/iPhone are not.  Yet. 
  • Ok, lets lay off BB.. I'm beginning to feel bad for them... Lol!
  • As much as I like my Lumia 920's camera, I'd like to see some more comparison shots with different scenarios. I mean, most people didn't expect the Z10 camera to be ground breaking, but give it a fair chance at the very least.
  • We'll be working on that soon.
  • There was a posting on Crackberry showing the cameras under different lighting conditions.  The BB10 did not fair well under indoor or outdoor lighting.  Though on Crackberry, they kind of just glossed over it and said it was good enough.
  • Glossing over the camera comparison was quite funy.  However, to say the BB10 keyboard was better than WP and iPhone is a complete joke.
    "The Windows Phone 8 keyboard was alright, but not as forgiving. On a device like the Lumia 920, the keyboard was always closing accidentally due to the location of the back button, so I had to learn to hold the phone in an uncomfortable way."
    Seriously?  To quote Steve Jobs "YOU'RE HOLDING IT WRONG."  How hard is it to hold a Lumia 920 and accidentially press the back button?  I'd like to know, cuz I haven't seen it with my device, nor the wifes.
  • Personally the blackberry keyboard looks way harder to use than the Windows Phone one, words are hard to see...
  • Thanks for the tip...ill go check the crackberry site out. Kinda sad that the previous best camera on a BB phone was a 5mp non-autofocus.
  • BB10, go jump back up your dead mother!
  • Uh, Blackberry has been smoked by every Even on the Crackberry walk through.
  • I don't see anything wrong with this article. Everyone and their momma post articles based on comparisons.
    If it got smoked, chalk one up for Nokia. Someone else is going to do the same test.
  • Lumia 920 smoked all of them, I'm not too surprised, but the eye opener is that the Z10 did worse than iPhone 5 and GS3.  It would've been amazing if the Z10 beat the L920, but I don't think anyone expected to be the worst performer.
  • Yeah,,,let's take theted ONE really great feature that the 920 has and compare to another phone,,on a dedicated WP8 fan site and expect an honest unbiased review,,,lol
  • Pics and story came from Gizmodo, so there goes that theory...
  • Just because the story wasn't original yours, doesn't change your intention.
  • Oh please... Its 4 phones comparison..
    Get over it
  • It's clear the concept of intention is over your head.
  • i dont understand though? its a legitimate comparison between the top phones of 2012 and the z10, what intention is there other than point out the clear differences in the kind of quality images that are produced by blackberrys new phone? phones are cool they do alot in our daily lives but it isnt being unfair to point out obvious flaws. this was a fair and legitimate comparison ran by gizmodo, and it that isnt being fair look at the one ran by you will see for yourself whos being dishonest as to who is the one making stuff up. again no disrespect of course :P
  • Im pretty sure the 920 has ALOT of great features. Wireless charging, camera, supersensitive touch screen, exclusive apps, etc. For all that they could have compared any of those features to the Z10...
  • ^^This!^^ +1
  • Based on your theory we should never compare something any phone does better than another phone. Because its always going to be biased towards the phone that does it better. With that logic you will never see comparisons again. Users will be left in the dark as to which phone will better suite them, without trial and error.
  • Is this Blackberry Central now? Write about WP8 and let BB have their day. This is weak sauce...
  • So seeing how the Lumia 920 stacks up against our latest competitor is irrelevant? No, I think not. 
  • I'm a customer and its simply my feedback...choose to use it how you wish.
  • @cashcar dude stop complaining.  if you were in the journalism/tech writing business, I'm sure you would post this just as well. 
  • Its a comments section..i think I am free to place my comments about topics.  No ill will towards anyone, I just dont dig all the BB stuff today.  It doesnt look like I am alone with those feelings either.  The people who run this site should be receptive to feedback both good & bad - and I've posted plenty of positive feedback towards WPCentral and recommended the site/app to numerous people.  Thus..not just hating to hate...
  • Sure, and we are free to point out that this is a site dedicated to Windows Phone, and obviously comparing against competing products. So, what would have been the "correct amount of time to wait?" 1 day? 1 week? 1 month? Stop getting your panties in a bunch. I know you say you comment here, but bitching about a site comparing against another product is quite dumb.
  • The Lumia 920 is a wp8 phone.
  • Sorry BB has a hard time staying relevant and isn't use to the mobile market any more, I get it....if anything the phone was weak sauce compare to iPhone and android...
  • It is really starting to get irritating all these people needlessly complaining about perfecty good articles. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T READ IT AND MOVE ON. I for one, what to know how my lumia 920 compares to other major phones in every respect, and camera is definitely very important to me. Would like to see some daylight photos comparisons as well.
    All this nonsense about letting blackberry have their day is ridiculous. There is nothing wrong in having an article comparing one aspect of the z10 with a windows phone.
  • Is the comment section sanctioned for only blind praise?
  • No, but it's an odd complaint. We posted plenty, in fact all, of the Windows Phone news today. You've missed nothing. We also don't force you to read our articles, yet your complaints imply that somehow we've offended you because you were. It's like going to a grocery store and picking out the food you *don't* like and complaining to management about it. 
  • Excellent Analogy...  although I can't believe I just gave the SA Daniel Rubino such a compliment HeHe...
  • No, but there is no reason to whine about an article. It isn't very difficult to skip the articles relating to BB10. Plenty of people, me included, like to see their platform of choice compared to others. WPCentral has every reason to post the BB10 articles. I would actually be more concerned if they didn't.
  • this is true seeing atm there is only 2 major players in the smartphone market now.   A lot of tech sites are doing a comparison on which of the two underdogs (MS or RIM) will become the 3rd major shareholder in the market.  Theverge/gizmodo/engadget are all posting stuff like this today...and everyday.
  • Just blackberry now :P
  • How is it blind praise a WP out performed a bb in a camera test. That is praise earned, and being a WP site it would only be right to post news about a WP being compared to another device.
  • It outperformed every camera so yes give credit where credit is due
  • The bb10 browser is the best guys. And WP browser is the worst. So Microsoft just needs to improve that, and we're good.
  • BB10 does have a great browser. Probably the best.
  • IE is real complaints from me on it outside of wanting a forward button on certain occasions
  • I will have to take your word on that as my last bb device was the Nextel curve and the browser was atrocious compared to wp7 much less 8.
  • I meant bb10..
  • Blackberry doesn't come close to Windows phone 8 in my opinion. Just not my cup of tea. Its home screens look just like androids or IOS. What so innovative about that? And the info hub thing they have, ooooooo, big deal. Idn, to each his own I guess. I'm sure some people will think it's better than sliced bread.
  • NOTHING is better than sliced bread man, that's just crazy talk.
  • w/ butter on it!
  • The Blackberry Hub is the #1 thing WP users want and BB even implemented in a way that a lot of WP users suggested (swiping from left to right). Seems to me like Blackberry was listening.
  • I disagree.  The BB Hub is a mess.  The Verge was right in saying it is a mess, and unintuitive.  So no, I don't agree that BB "got it right and is listening" while "Microsoft is doing nothing."
  • Omg that's amazing what the 920 can do..
  • The picture they took at the launch presentation wasn't that great, even the verge said it didn't look impressive and said that it could of been blamed on the lighting indoors.  If you tookt he same pic with a 920, KO. 
  • Agree with tavisdunn. Sometimes wp central feels like Pravda.
  • You've got to be kidding...
  • You've read Pravda? Хорошо! No wait. You're just full of bs.
  • For all you guys complaining that WPCentral / WP fans looks desperate for posting something like this...go to gizmodo and complain.  -As the source came from there.
    Lots of Trolls today. anyways some of us don’t want to have a point and shoot and a phone with us so taking pictures and comparing is very important to us. But looks like some people have the room in their pants to carry a DSLR ;)
  • Us "boys" with our "toys". Let BB have its day.
  • Reminds me of the unpopular kid joining the popular kids in teasing the new kid in the hope it won't be unpopular anymore
  • So the Lumia has a nicer camera.  I think BB users have different priorities. 
  • Like pulling their battery several times a day. I kid. But seriously.
  • At least they have the ability to pull their battery. If need be, they can go out and buy a spare too.
  • You missed the point. Can I pull your battery?
  • LOL, he is referring to the BB of old with its constant crashing and memory leaks where the easiest way to reset it was to physically pull the battery out and stick it back in to begin the 10 minute reboot sequence (this I know as a BB user of old).
  • +1
  • Haha, I had to do this so much to mine, it wore out the beveled edge of the clip inside then back plate so that it would just slide right off... Had to keep it on with a piece of tape, which would be replaced often because it lost its stickiness having to take the battery out so much... Then the reboot OMG kill me please.
  • WHile I agree that a person should choose a phone based on their priorities, that doesn't excuse lacking in certain features or modern features that are almost a 'standard'.  
    Arguably, the whole reason BB is where they are at now is due to falling behind on those 'extra' features.  Just making up an example here... but IF an iPhone can satisfy all of a user's priorities AND offer better 'extras' like a superior camera and app selection, then what is good is the Blackberry?
    At the point we're at now with 4 different smartphone ecosystems, its comes down to the little things that sway a consumer's decision. 
    Or using my own ancecdotal/subjective life experience as an example... ANY phone can satisfy my basic priorities... iPhone, Android, WP8 or BB... so the next tier of my decision is what are the 2ndary features that appeal to me the most?  The MS Live/Xbox/Office ecosystem brought me to Windows Phone, the amazing camera on the Lumia brought me to Nokia (rather than HTC or Sammie). 
    Also... in regards to cameras specifically... prior to my Lumia 920, the only other phone I had with a half-decent camera beore it was the HD2 and before that the Tmobile MDA (HTC Wizard or whatever it was called).  The cameras on my old G1 and Dell VP were so horrendous, I never even used them becuase there was nothing convenient about it.
  • i'm with Dan on everything he has said in these comments. and "let BB have it's day" is the lamest thing i have ever heard. it just makes BB sounds like the poor reject kid everyone feels sorry for but still no one likes. it will have it's day... and probably no other.
  • +1 Nokia definitely never has been given a day, so why'd BB be any different?
  • Hell yeah remember that fiasco with optical image stabilization that shit lasted like months actually even more maybe till the phone was launched even after Nokia went ahead and let people really try it with prototype phones lmao
  • Lumia 920 best phone in the world
  • Wtf are people smoking?? Its not like Daniel went ahead and got drunk and made up this shit?? This has a different source and well when there are two platforms fighting for the number 3 position, we need more comparisons!!!
  • Plus 1
  • I've handled the Z10 and I would take it over my 8X if it had Netflix. The 920 is a huge, fugly beast IMO.
  • Fugly beast? So millions of Lumia owners have beer goggles on?
  • You say you are honest but you're not!!
  • So how many design awards have BB won lately?
  • Lol
  • I like the article. Shows its more than just Windows Phone. Its also Android and iOS. Not overly impressed with this phone.
  • I've been a reader of this site longer than a member and I have to say that I'm slightly embarrassed to be a fan of WP8. Everyone was up in arms about how no one was giving WP8 a chance and crying because everyone was making fun of the fact that there weren't any killer apps to be had. I visit the site today and now I'm seeing all of these hit pieces showing Blackberry 10 in a negative light. The irony here is amazing. WP8 and it's users are in no position to be making fun of any other company.
    Blackberry has done everything right so far with this release. Even releasing the phones the day after the unveiling, which is really Apple like. With WP8, we end up waiting months for the phone to release, only for it to be exclusive to a carrier. The Z10 will at least be on every major U.S. carrier upon release. They haven't given that same luxury to Microsoft and WP8. I expect this kind of pompous attitude from Apple and Android fans, not WP8 fans.
  • I agree 100%!
  • Sorry, but I think talking about the highlights of one's phone and pointing out why its better thatn the competition on a website devoted to the phone is perfectly fine.  This site is called, and not for a reason.  If your sensibilities are offended, well, you have a right to express that,  But then I have the right to tell you why you are wrong.
  • It's WPCentral; not WPFanboycentral. There's a difference
  • +1
  • You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. These articles are not speaking negatively of blackberry because of something that is out of their control (as in lack of apps) it is pointing out hardware problems that won't be solved until a new phone is released. There is nothing wrong with comparing other phones to windows phones as long are not overly biased and wpcentral is definitely not. Blackberry was in a much better position to release the phones much sooner than nokia or any other windows phone manufacturer for two obvious reasons (which coincidentally are the same reasons apple is able to do the same): They make their own hardware and software and secondly because they have excellent carrier relations. For these reasons this was pretty much expected. Now what they didn't do is deliver hardware that is innovative in any way, and a terrible camera is unacceptable when you are trying to compete with the top smartphones these days. Maybe business people don't care about their phone's camera but many many people would never get a phone with a useless camera (including me)
  • How is this a hit piece? Further more you completely ignore every article wpcentral did complaining about Microsoft and how they dropped the ball on apps, launching and carrier exclusives. Not to mention all of the user threads made in forums over all the issues they have wp8. So get over yourself and realize that this is just a comparison article about 1piece if hardware that a huge amount of people find very important.
  • So here is some garbage from CB.....Then there's Windows Phone, if you can even consider it as viable competition. Aside from the clean interface, there's no solid stance for Microsoft's mobile platform - most consumers don't understand its value proposition and why they would buy it over the about a hit piece. This is the phone review.
  • what's a windows phone... 
  • Really?
  • Lol...what a loser...:P
  • Haha I think I got the joke...
  • Lol
  • Lumia wins in low light everytime but is comparable to the iPhone 5 in day
  • This statement being solely based on my own personal sphere of influence. My mom and a few friends with iPhone 5 prefer my 920 after Nokia made there update. Again only a small sample so take it with a grain of salt.
  • Which is exactly why my life never has anything happen worth taking a picture of while in low light... I imagine your like me, when the sun goes down you go to bed, and try to avoid being in places where the lights are turned low like clubs and casinos and concerts and bars and moody restaurants... I'm obviously joking here, I don't do those things, and you don't have to either, just get a L920 and your free to live your life with out fear of being unable to catalogue it for later remembrance.
  • Nice article, it's always nice to see a good spread of conent here. 
    However, I always think of the movie Idiocracy when I read the comments section. 
  • Brawndo's got electrolytes.
  • Hoping you guys do a Wordflow vs Predictive Text video. I think one of the biggest BB10 features is Predictive Text, but WP8 has Wordflow before BB10 came out.
  • This is nothing new technically, its what BB has had for quite some time, just implemented differently. I'm not sure how I would like having a word pop up above a letter on the keyboard. Just seems distracting this new way.
  • Honestly, pretty disappointed in wpcentral not because I disagree in any sense but because on crackberry, their deformed little sister site, there is a plethora of pictures in numerous conditions and the 920 blew it away in all of them. If you want a real comparison, go steal their spreadsheet instead of those noobs at gizmodo's. Also, you may want to have an intervention with Kevin. I know we all fanboy at times but his review made Hitler's run through Europe seem unbiased in comparison.
  • Couldn't have stated it any better!
  • Very true, the more I read wpcentral the more proud I am of it's unbiased reviews and comparisons in comparison to other sites and their prefered platforms. Wpcentral does not hesitate to point out the negatives of windows phone while crackberry and imore skip over their respective's platforms negatives as if they are not present.
    Thanks wpcentral and keep being awesome
  • Having owned BkackBerry devices in the past, I'm not surprised that the camera sucks so bad. I don't know why they even bother adding them.
  • Lol
  • "let BB have its day" is total weak sauce argument....ita either good or not...
  • was lets joke on iphone camera :D
  • I think everyone is forgetting one major point here that being is a phones primarily function is to make calls on & last throughout the day! Everything else comes second! Smartphones are replacement cameras but its handy to have on the phone. I have a Lumia 920 & love the phone but don't think the camera is ss good as people make out except for low light photos. That said my wife has an iPhone, son galaxy s2 & all phones have their good & bad points.
  • People are sticking to their phone camera more nowadays instead of carrying a second camera and my Cannon 7D is eating dust in the cabinet. For a lot of people, their usage of the camera function are way more than any apps usage combined and it is the deciding factor for getting the phone or not.
  • I think your missing the major point of a smart phone... Your describing a feature phone like the old school clam shells or candy bar phones with t9 input... Those made phone calls. Smartphones organize your life and let you do many things, much easier. Its a camera, a day planner, a chat room, a gaming console, a document viewer, a web browser... So your telling me you pay $400+ for a phone to make calls on alone? No I didn't think so.
  • Lol jsnod making all the points. :P
  • I bet there won't be an article that compares BB10's multitasking capabilities and how 3rd party apps can integrate into the OS; because you know; that's a test BB10 will actually win
  • Why would there be need to test capabilities of something everyone knows the answer to? That sounds retarded to say the least, it didn't just lose to a windows phone camera it lost to every camera..... They tested something that it actually could have performed very well on. Everyone knows windows phone has limited multitasking... Now we just have to see how real multitasking takes its toll on battery on bb10 will be... Comparisons can only be done with things that can meet on common ground.
  • This is pretty much the same point i was try to get across, but put more eloquently.
    Let it be known, on this site the only comparisons your will see are the ones in which the windows phone win.  Apparently the wp community is too fragile to see anything but....
  • Sorry to BB's fans,  but, Blackberry's phone cameras has been shit since the existence of Blackberry smartphones. Well-known fact. 
  • Amen brother
  • I quite fancy a BB10 phone. I'm finding microsoft's attitude to windows phone to be rather dire. WP8 has fallen behind Blackberry now in terms of features and multitasking. QNX has always been a really good scalable OS.
  • If you open your mind and look a little deeper into wp, you'll see that the OS is a nonconforming and radical departure from any other. Its young and its growing. If you're not into the mainstream, WP is for you. Remember also MS stated they are in this for the long haul and yearly major updates. Don't fret, let this baby grow.
  • it got smoked with camera so what? so how  i got this feeling that QNX will be a beast
  • No ones arguing functionality we are arguing features. Important ones that were basically glossed over
  • The best camera doesn't help if you cannot upload the result to Instagram.
  • Who cares?
  • Instagram now is filled with abysmal photos from low end Droids cam.
  • Plus instagram may not have my state id info sir no they may not...
  • The best camera doesn't mean anything if you can't upload to Instagram... what does that mean for the worst camera that can't upload to Intstagram either?
    Also... Instragram = overrated.  Except, I do appreciate that I've been seeing less pictures of people's shitty meals on my facebook feed lately.  For that, I will thank Instagram.
    And... I can't help but think of a friend of mine who 'discovered' Instagram.  Last time I hung out with him, he was running around taking pictures of the stupidest shit so he could post to Instagram.  He looked like he had a mental problem where people were wondering why he was snapping a picture of a sewer grate.
  • to BlackBerry fans: guys, relax, it seems that camera has an issue now, but it's fixable on a software part quite easily. Don't trust all that marketing buzz Nokia is speading to convince you that their low light camera is a rocket science. It's not, it's a series  of rather simple image processing algorithms to give you that image quality. Of course the optical stabilization helps to improve picture quality, especially in low light, but again, there are tons of simple image processing algorithms exists that can almost replace that stabilization. The question is, why BlackBerry left camera app at such a low level? It's was absolutely expected that Z10 will be compared to all other high-end smartphones, don't complain. WP devices were compared as well and they have their long list of problems :)
  • Bb cameras have always sucked period.
  • I think your exaggerating how simple it is to fix... The software can only fix post rendering of the image, not improve the sensor to the point that it can have night vision with a mere algorithm. Yes they can make the colors more balanced and smooth out edges, but they aren't going to turn that sensor into a competitor of any sorts, otherwise Apple and Samsung would have done it already too...
  • You da man jsnod! Lol
  • Actually they do :) Look at the difference in image quality of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Camera is exactly the same (at least according to Apple official site) but difference in image quality is huge. You can see the link in source article
  • So then your saying apple disenfranchised they legacy owners by not pushing an update to improve their camera when they could have with a single software/firmware update? That's ludicrous and wishful thinking. I'll ask the guy who engineers these sensors (who I personally know) but I don't expect anything different than what I already said. I do believe you can marginally improve the sensor with firmware, but what we are seeing in the Z10 is far from a marginal need of improvement. Most camera updates that improve its image quality beyond marginally is in the post processing of the sensors capture capability and that's not gonna help Z10 much either.
  • Also note that it said "virtually identical" but then look at the ISO capacity 800 vs 3200, there is a different sensor in there to be sure. Similar but upgraded. Like the difference between video cards in a PC, the 7750 is weak sauce compared to the 7790, major difference is in clock speed and wattage, same architecture, same chipset, different outcome entirely when you tinker with the hardware.
  • sorry, but according to all sources I read there are no hardware camera improvements. The reason they could not push the same improvements to 4S could be due to post-processing they use to improve the photos (it maybe to heavy for 4S). But I would really like to know info from the source (your friend). 
    as a side note: testing that was done by Gizmodo is not valid, have a look at all photos more closely. The Z10 photo is the most different (statue head is in the center of the picture). The uploaded images also do not have EXIF info which makes comparison impossible. I wish I could have more time and real device to prove you that post-processing is not the least importans part of the mobile camera, but in many cases is actually the most important (as long as sensors of comparable size).
    Hoping for your answer from your friend
  • More like Blackberry Z10 smoked by Nokia Lumia 920
  • Lumia 920 is by far one of the best phones in the world best camera fastest screen etc
  • People, people, are on a Windows Phone website for good sakes!! If you want your own biased opinion to make yourself feel better about a sub-par company bringing out a sub-par phone that has out-dated technology, go to their web-site and hold hands singing Kumbayah with the few of you that remain. 
  • Great, I would love to see other WP8 devices compared. How about the 8X ?
    As for the comments here, Sure it's a WP site and yes they compare new devices against a WP device, So what ? All I can say is, Dont feed the Trolls...
  • Who knows, RIM (ahem, Blackberry) may release a camera update in the future. The Lumia 900's camera was pretty meh at first...
  • I don't believe this post for one min... Lol, missleading and not true. I can find 10 other posts saying how much better the pictures are with the BB Z10 then these other smart phone... I'm starting to think it all about who the writers are connected with... than fact. Sad thing is... I have use most of the so called "top" smart phones and just picked up a BB Z 10 two weeks ago... One of the best phone going... and the picture are very good and not like the ones on this post at all. Hello? It's easy to see what's going on here... buyer beware!