Become a crime-fighting sleuth with The Blacklist: Conspiracy for Windows 10

The Blacklist: Conspiracy is a crime solving game based on the popular television series The Blacklist. You join the FBI's Post Office Task Force to solve crimes and hunt down fugitives, thieves, assassins and other nefarious types.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile the mystery game is a nice blend of hidden object puzzles, memory games and more to find clues, interrogate suspects and make critical decisions that impact your investigations. The Blacklist: Conspiracy is full of plot twists, turns and mysteries to keep you busy and a fun way to kill a little time.

The free game does require a data connection and is also available for Windows 8.1 Phones and PC, which includes low-memory devices.

The Blacklist: Conspiracy

As with most games these days, The Blacklist: Conspiracy opens up to a series of tutorials led by Raymond Reddington, the television series main character. The core gaming feature is a collection of hidden object puzzles where you search for key clues that help you solve the crime.

The Blacklist: Conspiracy includes five cases to solve and dozens of crime scenes to investigate. Once you survive the initial tutorial sessions, the game operates from a main menu that displays your gaming statistics across the top of the display. Options to access the game's settings and view the gaming inbox nestled in the upper right corner of the screen.

Settings for The Blacklist: Conspiracy offers you the option to log into the game using your Facebook or Microsoft account, mute the game's sounds/music/notifications, view the help screens and link devices to transfer gaming progress.

In the middle of this home menu are your gaming chapters for the current case and along the bottom of the home menu are navigation buttons to visit the case locations, leads, contacts and classified documents.

Gameplay is regulated by energy points that can be replenished over time, through in-app purchase or bonuses earned as you progress through the game. Each location is first investigated by tackling a hidden object puzzle with some of the items being key clues to solving the mysteries at hand. The hidden object puzzles are timed and the quicker you locate all the objects, the higher your score and rewards netted.

The Blacklist: Conspiracy

Puzzles can be pinched to zoom into areas and if you tap/hold an item description, a thumbnail image of that object appears. A hint button is also present for those times you need a little help in finding the item.

The hidden object puzzle transitions to an assortment of mini-games and decision-making scenes that influence your character's development and the direction of the case. Mini-games include interrogations where you have to recall where objects were discovered or piecing together a shredded document. Some of the side-games are time management in nature in that you have to wait for the lab to analyze the evidence.

Just as gameplay is regulated by energy points, many of these side games also require resources to complete. There are stars, cash and gems that are earned during gameplay that is often required to participate and complete these missions.

The Blacklist: Conspiracy is a complex Windows 10 game, but not overly complicated to learn. Solving crime mysteries through hidden object games offers a challenging way to search for clues. For fans of the television series, there are plenty of interactions with characters from the series and if you don't follow the show, these encounters add to the storyline.

While I enjoyed playing The Blacklist: Conspiracy and found it to be a challenging way to spend a little down time with, the gaming experience was not exactly bug-free. The game does require data connectivity and even though I was firmly rooted to my home or mobile network, more times than not I received an error message that I was no longer connected to the internet. The game would reset to the last saved moment and often was the case where I had to replay a portion of the game.

Luckily the game didn't dial back too far when this issue surfaced and while this is an issue that needs to be resolved, I found The Blacklist: Conspiracy to be a fun game. The connection to the television show adds to the game's appeal. Even if you haven't seen the first episode of The Blacklist, the challenge of the puzzle games is equally as appealing.

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