We love DIY projects that use Windows Phones here at Windows Phone Central, and this project is nothing short of impressive. Almost veryone is familiar with the labyrinth puzzles you can purchase from local toy stores that task the player with tilting the maze to control the ball and reach the end of the puzzle, without dropping into any holes.

So that would make a rather cool app, right? Well, that's simply not good enough for developer Matt aka 'RogueCode' (who used to write for us and makes the awesome Ffffound app). He decided to make a DIY labyrinth puzzle that can be controlled by a Windows Phone (Lumia 920 is used in the demonstration above) and its on-board accelerometer.

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Matt being an established developer, it has to be that step further and boy what a result he's managed to reach - we're impressed. As well as developing an app for his Windows Phone, Matt also built the labyrinth toy from scratch, mounting hardboard on a pair of servo motors that mimic the movements of the Lumia 920 shown in the video.

What's more is that when the ball reaches the end, a sensor detects the contact with two bridges, which then informs the Windows Phone that the puzzle has been completed (this stops the timer running on the smartphone).

Source: YouTube, via: Hackaday