Box ‘doubles down’ on Windows 8 and Windows Phone with new software updates

Although a lot of folks in the Windows Phone ecosystem may opt for SkyDrive for their cloud storage, there’s no doubt Box ( has a compelling service as well (especially if you nabbed those free 25 or 50GB of storage offers).

The company has pushed out dual updates today for both their Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps, bringing their new file-preview technology to both and allowing users to peek in their files without opening them. In addition, each app received some personal attention too for general improvements.


The file-preview technology is evidently very popular as it was introduced on Android and iOS recently. According to Box:

“The real value of preview technology on a Windows Phone or Windows 8 device is in our unique ability to show previews of 75+ file types – the only app capable of this in today’s marketplace. We’re going far beyond the typical Word document or PowerPoint presentation. Ever wanted to see an AutoCAD file on a mobile device? Or an Adobe Illustrator file? With Box, it's all possible—no need to open other apps or spend time downloading the file.”

Indeed that is quite a useful feature. Platform specific changes are the following for today’s updates:

For Windows 8:

  • Built a navigation bar (swipe from top) for a quick way to get to your All Files home, Updates and more.
  • Improved the spacing and utility of the semantic zoom functionality.

For Windows Phone:

  • Added support for Office documents and PDFs to open directly in Microsoft Office.
  • Designed a new wide cycle tile; pin our Live Tile to your Start screen at the largest size, and you’ll see your Box Updates feed rotate through it.
  • Added the ability to see and edit file descriptions, as well as engage in discussions on a folder level


We have to admit, Box makes a compelling client and their enthusiasm for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 is a refreshing change from some other cloud-storage services. Have you switched from SkyDrive to Box? If so, tell us why in comments.

You can pick up Box v1.5 for Windows Phone here in the Store and Box for Windows 8 here (opens in new tab).

Source: Box

Daniel Rubino

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  • I wonder if uploading to Box eats up the Other storage
  • Nice
  • I use both. I got 50gb free from box when I purchased my Touchpad and have been using Skydrive since my email address has always been a hotmail account. They both come in very handy when dealing with people who are only familiar with one specific platform.
  • I got the free 50gb limit back when I had first got an iphone 4, but since I've had my 920, I use nothing but Skydrive.  What's gonna kill me is when I get Google Fiber here in KC.  I'll have a free TB that I won't really be able to take advantage of on my phone.  
  • You mean google won't have a TB of your data that they can take advantage of
  • I have to agree. Google scares the crap outta me.
  • Google is always watching. @_@
  • In Soviet Russia, you watch Google.
  • Lol
  • What makes you think Microsoft isn't?!
    Joking aside, as someone who has been in the web hosting/collocation industry for years, all the fear is mostly unfounded. We deal with so much data that we honestly don't care what you have in your account, nor do we have the time to go peeping through individual accounts unless a valid subpoena is provided. Google, however, has received flak for years because of their intelligent advertising based on the content of your email. This concern can be alleviated by using PGP or some other form of email encryption. Email is about the least secure form of communication.
  • Relax im not so much bothered by the fact that they read it since I don't send sensitive info via email (rather do it in person) I just hate that google does nothing but screw everything up with ads. Like YouTube. Was great till google crapped on it. Also I don't trust google overall as a company, problem with that? Tough luck im not saying Microsoft is completely clean as they are all companies fighting for my money but at least it doesn't feel so creepy with subliminal ads everywhere.
  • I use both, but for different purposes...
  • I use both...
  • i use both. i'd use only Box if it was able to integrate into the operating system and auto-upload etc... it has the added security of a pass lock, which Skydrive doesn't have!
  • I also use both. Each has its own strengths. Who will be the first to a free 100gb without file size or bandwidth caps?
  • I use both as well.
  • I use both. Couldn't pass up the free 25gb 
  • Using both too...
  • I LOVE Box. Its the fastest and good-looking website/app. I use both box and SkyDrive on my PC, WP, and tablet. Dropbox was never an option for me..
  • I have both.... 50 GB free with Box (the same for my wife), and 25 GB free with SkyDrive.  I intent to use Box as more long-term backup (Older Photos & Videos, and Music Backup), and SkyDrive for current files.
  • Same here. I don't use the Box desktop sync, but I use it for archiving since I have that free 50GB of storage. Then I use my SkyDrive (25 GB free + 20 GB from Office 365 Home Premium) for OneNote, Office documents, and current files that I work with frequently.
  • I also use both on my phone and surface. I'm glad box is adding features.
  • Got news for y'all, but SkyDrive is watching you too. Read about it here on
  • Well said. Google can keep the free space and shove it.
  • Got 50gb free, this just makes it sweeter ;)
  • Can Zune (or xbox music) on Windows Phone 8, stream music off box ? (it would be nice to put all my music up there and be able to stream it)
  • I store my music on box b/c if the 50gb. You can indeed stream it to WP8 but it streams through the web browser as if it were a YouTube video so there us lack of integration and you can only play one song at a time. I suppose it wouldn't be hard to make an app.
  • I am not sure about streaming from Box, but you can from SkyDrive. The trick is that you have to set the property of the folder the media is in to 'Pictures'. Go figure.
's been hit or miss with me on whether it works or not. All of my music is recorded as MP3's; on most albums, some songs will play and others will not, even though all of them were ripped from CD by WMP. Video is the same way.
  • Can't open my pics from Box app on the Lumia 920 since I updated the app today
  • I use Box and Skydrive equally! 
  • Box doesn't allow you to download from the app.
  • Doesn't Box have very a very low upload limit for the freebie? 
  • Is this true? Because a lot of times its really slow uploading it from my laptop. I have 100 gb on Box and I'm using it for more long term, backing up my music, video, and pictures, while SkyDrive more for current stuff. I have to admit I like SkyDrive more though.
  • its good to have it
  • Today I have updated this app 3 or 4 time but in every 1or2 hours it I am getting an update available notification for this app in marketplace or even u will visit to this app in marketplace it will show u an update available even after u have already updated