Two Xbox 360 games have made their way to Xbox One today, via the console's backward compatibility program. Adding to the ever-growing lineup of supported titles, "Bullet Soul" and its successor, "Bullet Soul -Infinite Burst-," can now be played on Xbox One consoles.

Having launched for the Xbox 360 late last year, both Bullet Soul titles released on the platform with little attention. Although a simple Japanese shoot-'em-up on the surface, their recent release on Steam was been met with unexpected praise from fans of the genre. Now, getting somewhat timely support after the PC release, Xbox One owners can jump back into the action.

A brand-new recipe for the shooting genre which rewards survival through aggressive play. Blending classic shooting game design with a solid dash of modern day bullet hell, this soul food dish has it all! Destroy enemies at close quarters to build your multiplier, and see their bullets rendered harmless. Scour the stages for secret bonuses to push your score to even greater heights.

Bullet Soul and Bullet Soul -Infinite Burst- are now available for purchase from the Xbox Store for $14.99 each. Previous Xbox 360 owners will also be able to play the title, via the "Ready to Install" section of their Games and Apps. Be sure to check out our running list of backward compatible titles for more information on the program.

Bullet Soul is also available on Steam. Check out our Steam Spotlight review to learn more!

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