Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 reveal trailer shows us hackable robots, killer bees, and more

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has picked up a reveal trailer this afternoon, showing off Treyarch's latest efforts to mix up the CoD formula.

The trailer offers glimpses of gameplay aspects new to the franchise, as well as a refreshing shift towards a darker tone.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is set in a 'dark and twisted' future where robotics have changed the military landscape. Eidos have already poked fun at Treyarch for borrowing from Deus Ex's gritty futurism, and this new trailer adds further cause for comparison. Adam Jensen fans will recognize prosthesis wielding soldier transform their hands into a weapons on the fly; Titanfall fans may recognize wall running and Spectre-like hack-able robots; and Bioshock fans may recognize wrist-deployable bee swarms (robot bees albeit, presumably).

Also making the cut is gore and dismemberment, which hasn't been seen in Call of Duty since World at War. The trailer plainly shows soldiers limbs being mauled by explosives and large futuristic guns, as well as a crazy bladed rolling drones which look like BB-8's evil cousins. One instance shows a soldier being blown into bloody chunks by an explosive arrow fired from a tech-bow; another shows soldiers being splattered by a large explosive cannon, and so on.

One of my pet Call of Duty peeves is how you can hit someone in the face with a grenade launcher and they fall to their knees rather than get blown across the map as would be the case in Halo or Battlefield, so, kudos Treyarch.

The trailer corroborates some of the leaks we saw from posters and pre-release magazines, such as pre-order beta access and the November 6th release date, but it still remains to be seen whether Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 becomes just another high priced map pack in a series that (in my opinion) no longer innovates.

Here's hoping Treyarch can prove us naysayers wrong. Stay tuned to Windows Central for all the latest on Black Ops 3.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will release on (at least) Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 6th, 2015

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  • Campaign actually look good, COD delivers decent Hollywood type stories.
  • Yeah, just loved the last sequence of Ghosts!
  • Not happy at all...tired of all these futuristic gameplay, it's just like advanced warfare....I mean what happened to our World War and old school military stories?
  • It got old... ;-)
  • Well World at war panned compaired to any other COD so they wont be doing it again anytime soon... and they have 5 currenty day shooters 2 Future shooters and 2 old... The old school shooters just arent as popular, look at BF Veitnam or the BF ww2 games... there are none now, only modern shooters...
  • One Call of Duty game that goes into the future and everybody goes mad. and yes, I exclude Black Ops 2 because it didn't go too deep.  The market used to be OVER SATURATED with past-era games. Four Call of Duty games were in the past, so were Medal of Honour games, Battlefield 1942/Vietnam, Wolfenstein, Codename Eagle etc.. Then COD moved into the modern era, MW1 , MW2, BO (although it was mixed), MW3, BO2 (near future but its closer to a present secnario than a future imo) Ghosts And now to the future with AW which was a game that the series desparately needed, after the disappointment that was Ghosts I have faith in Treyarch, this will be a fantastic entry into the franchise. 
  • CoD Black Ops just went full CoD Future Warfare.
  • Wall running,Specters,Titans,Pilots
    What else would they wanna add from titanfall?
    Man,Call of Duty is a piece of S***
  • Often it will be better than    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • CoD is like Apple. No matter how bad it is people will still flock and get in line to buy it. :T
  • Or just preorder it ha, the story isn't that bad that's pretty much all I play it for.
  • I don't know why people observe COD with such aversion. The bloody'ells wrong with it? Just because you feel like you've grown up and need to play Battlefield doesn't mean you're gonna go about denigrating it. If you feel like its just some hit and run B.S then don't bother with it. (And no, I'm not a fanboy trying to defend it. I have an open mind).
  • My problem with it is the lack of investment it gets. Since Infinity Ward was gutted there hasn't been a new engine. They're fun games, but you know, a $45 annual map pack only goes so far at holding my interest, personally. Back in the day sequels meant bigger scope, more depth, new systems, etc. They're prob squeamish about changing the formula too much, but they could do things like, idk, shipping the game with more maps, rather than sticking to a standard number and then wait to scalp us with community fragmenting map DLC. Where do all the Call of Duty profits go? Because its hasn't been reflected in the games for a long time.
  • Both BF and CoD are recycled garbage. Same thing every few months but with more lens flares and bloom.... And people pay top dollar.
  • They are definitely like Apple because
    1.) Limitless iterations on the same product, different skin
    2.) People still like them and pay them money for minimal work
    3.) Unfounded fanboyism.
  • Yepppppppppp
  • "Limitless iterations on the same product, different skin". You've got that right mate. But I enjoy CoD overall.
  • Like people enjoy apple overall:)
  • The fawk that helmet looks like a Sparta helmet from halo.
  • It looks like they threw Halo, Titanfall, and Gears of war in a blender, hit the purée button, and this is what came out. Posted from the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or the Surface Pro 3
  • So it's advanced warfare DLC? I'll pass, I hated advanced warfare. So I guess we can't get anymore vietnam/cold war, Europe, American war type games everything is futuristic now.
  • This is treyarch and BO series you idiot -.- not IW and their crappy games
  • He's saying it looks like Advanced Warfare because of the suits and jump jets. That, and Advanced Warfare was done by Sledgehammer games, not Infinity Ward.
  • It's infinity ward that made the game to where it is. Treyarch was bs in the past. Look up their old cod's. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Black Ops series sucks, was hoping for another world war 2 game, but I love gaming, like war games, like Call of Duty so a try of it wont hurt anybody!
  • I really love this game its looks like titanfall I'm so excited to play bp 3
  • Yes it does seem to be a TF clone
  • Titan fall?
  • I can't help it but to feel kinda sad that this looks so similar to other bunch of FPS in an attempt to be liked by the masses that I dislike it badly... Crysis, Deus Ex, Titanfall, and of course the last CoD AW... Maybe the story is ok, but this is still very sad to real CoD fans...
  • I may be minority but I didn't liked the sci-fi direction they took. By now, I would be glad if they got back to real wars with real people as soldiers. At least WW2 offered more variety than those games.
  • No sir you're not.. I hate the new futuristic games, I to want the old games back.
  • Exactly how most CoD fans feel like... Enough of the futuristic weapons and s**t...
  • Obviously it is not how most of the COD fans feel. If it was, Advanced Warfare wouldn't of been the best selling game in the series yet. It is like normal, the people who dislike the new changes are the loudest, just as it is with most other things.
  • @JackPela Exactly.
  • Same here. I prefer the futuristic games not the crappy WW2 games. I hope WW2 themed games never come back.
  • It's funny how people craved this Sci-fi stuff at one point, and now everyone has had enough, even cod fanboys. Remember 10 years ago when there was nothing but WWII games? I quit cod after WAW, and I'm glad I did. It's time for the fps genre to evolve again, what could be next?
  • You're only mentioning the WW2 games from the very old CoD series... If you read what the CoD gamers (not fanboys, come on, that's a childish word) say, we're all asking for a similar Modern Warfare or Black Ops setting, not WW2 and certainly not another AW.
  • GARBAGE! Bring back the old games like MWF2&3, BO1&2. Tired of these futuristic games.. :)
  • Call of Deus Black Ops Ex
  • Lmao, garbage. This will not save the franchise. People falling for the hype. It amazes me how dumb people are.
  • Robocop the game
  • Graphics could be better, I think. I would need to see another trailer. AW graphics look better, so far.
  • Was that a zombie at the end? I didn't see anyone getting inside a mech, so not a TF clone. It does look like a step up from Advanced Warfare though.
  • That bow. Stolen from Gears of War? (;
  • Haha, didn't look like it needed to charge up though.
  • CoD is slowly starting to look like Crysis
  • Looks just like the same old crap to me. The ONLY thing I like CoD for is the campaigns. The multiplayer is just gonna be the same mound of poodle shit it has always been.
  • I didn't enjoy AW so I went back to playing Ghosts
  • Can't wait TREYARCH ALL DAY!
  • Meh. I got so bored with the latest CoD that I never even finished the game. Played multi a few times, but the whole thing bores me to tears now. III looks like a cross between CoD and Titanfall. So I'll skip this one until they come up with something original.
  • So dissapointing. If I wanted to play Halo, I'd just buy Halo.
  • Ehhh... Am I the only one that just wants a real world experience. In Advanced Warfare you have guys flying and changing direction in mid air. Why can't we have realistic warfare instead of this crap. And get off my lawn!
  • I take better shits than this pathetic excuse of a game.
  • Aye, I'm shitting right now catching up on the important news...this one is called TitanShitFall...its a big one, gonna make a splash I suspect...
  • They've some what related the graphics and game play with CRYSIS
  • Lol looks good but i don't like COD so I will get this piece of s@#€ chance. (normal people)
  • Hope they someday make bo & bo2 for Xbox One...
  • Amazing, another 3-4 hour campaign for 60-70€ /s
  • hope they make the gameplay good .. was dissapointed with advanced warfare .. 
  • battlefield 4 had a far more realistic gameplay than COD:Ghosts and COD:Advanced Warfare 
  • Deus Ex>Black Ops
  • We need some good ol' tom Clancy sneak around and stab a guy in his back games instead of these future war games
  • If someone got hit in the face with a grenade from a grenade launcher, that would not provide enough resistance for the blasting cap to explode...hence, one would fall to their knees rather disappearing into pink mist....
  • Nice! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 shows us Titanfall 2.
  • COD=Halo. Saw this one years ago.
  • I just want to kill IS fuck-ups, like killing some German nazi. Not robots.
  • Battlefield forever