Can you replay Halo Infinite story missions?

Halo Infinite
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Can you replay Halo Infinite story missions?

Best answer: Not right now. The open world nature of Halo Infinite means you'll need to replay the entire game to go back through the story missions. This will change with a future update.

Can you replay Halo Infinite story missions?

Halo Infinite is now available, bringing with it what developer 343 Industries claims is the largest Halo game yet. Past Halo games allowed players to replay story missions whenever they wanted after going through the campaign at least once. Unfortunately, this isn't the case in Halo Infinite — at least not at launch. According to 343 Industries, a future update will change this and add the ability to replay missions without going through the entire game again.

"We want to have replay that works well, and when you have a more open game, it gets a lot trickier," Crocker told The Verge. "So we made a decision to improve the quality of the single-player campaign to ensure that, as a foundation, that it's as strong as it possibly could be so that we could then add the other features back in."

Halo Infinite has a more open-world design than past Halo games, including numerous side objectives and optional locations to explore. As a result, missions aren't exactly structured like in past games, which always took place in a set location with a finite beginning and end. This, combined with the challenges introduced by working from home, means the feature had to be cut ahead of launch.

What else is coming in the future?

Due to challenges caused by the pandemic and making sure the game launched as polished as possible, 343 Industries also delayed the co-op campaign and Forge to some point in 2022. These features will be added for free in a future update and are currently scheduled to arrive alongside Season 2 and Season 3 of the game, respectively, though this could also change.

As an ongoing game, it's heavily rumored Halo Infinite will receive future campaigns that continue the story at a later date. The multiplayer will also grow, expanding the list of available Halo Infinite multiplayer maps. Between the multiplayer and the campaign, Halo Infinite is currently one of the best Xbox games available, and the experience is only going to get better as these additional features arrive and the game expands over time.

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