Today, developers Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic announced that Fable Fortune, the collectible card game set in the world of the Fable franchise, will leave Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview on February 22, 2018. The title will land as a free-to-play game on Xbox One and PC.

According to the developers, Fable Fortune has flourished over the past few months due to community feedback. A lot of new features have been added like Heroic Tales. Heroic Tales is a single-player story mode that allows players to experience the backstories of the game's heroes. There's also a new emote system which lets players communicate with their opponents.

Some of the most significant additions are the Deck Helper and Guildmaster tutorials. These help new players get into the game, especially if they're new to the genre. Fable Fortune is all about choices and consequences because you can choose to be good or evil. It surprisingly maintains the major themes behind the franchise rather well in this new setting.

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In our preview, we said that "Fable Fortune looks like a great free-to-play title... offering an appealing premise for both... veterans and fans of the Fable franchise. Building up a framework for a competitive scene looks to be promising, provided the team can manage and build up Fable Fortune around the demands of its community."

Fable Fortune is currently available on the Microsoft Store for $14.99 but this isn't the free-to-play version. You get over $40 worth of in-game items, including roughly two dozen card packs with rare pieces.

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