Catch EA Play live from London and LA!

There are two separate, but linked events going down for the very first EA Play, one in Los Angeles and one in London. If you want to follow it yourselves, live, then you can definitely do that as the whole thing is being livestreamed.

Everything kicks off at 9 p.m. in London and 1 p.m. in LA. EA will be streaming live on its website, as well as YouTube and Twitch. The Twitch stream you'll find embedded below, where things are set to kick off a little earlier with some pre-press conference gaming fun.

If you're looking for a great Windows 10 app to watch the stream from Twitch, check out our round up of the best ones!

So, what are we expecting? For the most part the announcements have already been made. We're looking forward to Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, along with the latest updates in the EA Sports series' for FIFA, NHL and Madden. What we're really looking forward to is seeing some actual game play, and we've been pre-warned that Battlefield 1 multiplayer action will be part of the event. One not to be missed, for sure.

So, check back at go time and join us for the start of what's going to be one wild week!

Watch live video from EA on

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  • More gameplay of battlefield 1 is all I need
  • Still waiting on MVP Baseball.
  • 1am in LA. My old butt cant stay up for that! Haha
  • La is 1 pm not am
  • Oh I misread that, thank you!!
  • 6am in Australia, either party hard and keep goin or party less and start your day early! I'll probably just wait for the upload to YouTube later in the day as I can't do either of those two things!
  • It's Battlefield 1, not Battlefront 1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • lol
  • Battlefront 1? Don't you mean battlefield 1????