Celebrate the holidays with this festive Clippy wallpaper for Windows

Festive Clippy Wallpaper 4
Festive Clippy Wallpaper 4 (Image credit: WallpaperHub)

What you need to know

  • A festive Clippy wallpaper is available for free through WallpaperHub.
  • The website also has several other holiday-themed wallpapers, including backgrounds inspired by OneDrive and the Microsoft logo.
  • All of the designs appear as if they were knitted on holiday sweaters.

'Tis the season for knitted holiday patterns. Whether you got yourself an ugly Christmas sweater from Microsoft or not, you can get your PC ready for the holidays with a festive Clippy wallpaper. WallpaperHub has several versions of the image available, including pictures in a wide range of aspect ratios for different devices.

The original source of the image is a holiday Clippy theme sent out by Microsoft in December 2020. Michael Gillett from WallpaperHub expanded that background into a range of images.

In addition to being available in different aspect ratios, the Festive Clippy wallpaper can be downloaded in different resolutions. That means that whether you have a 3:2 device like the Surface Pro X or one of the best ultrawide monitors, you should be able to get a clear image. There's also a portrait mode version of the image available for smartphones.

If you aren't a fan of Clippy, there are other holiday-themed wallpapers available. There are 13 in total, such as Festive PowerApps, Festive OneDrive, and Festive Teams. The wallpapers have a similar knitted look and feature the icons of the services they're named after.

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