Meet the characters of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Part of what makes Bioware games so enjoyable is the incredible depth and versatility of those teammates. They are all so individual, with their own personalities, tastes and preferences. Whether you were shooting cans with Garrus or talking to Talizorah about the Quarian Flotilla, every team member had something relatable that drove them.

This is partly why we're so excited about Mass Effect: Andromeda. There is no "I" in team, after all, so here's the list of your new crew. Who will you buddy up with?

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Scott and Sara Ryder

Scott and Sara are human Pathfinders of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and you can select one of the two twins to be your playable character. The twin you don't pick will later become a squad member on the Tempest, and, NO, your sibling is not a romanceable option.

As with starting up a new game in the original Mass Effect series, you can tweak these characters' appearances and back stories. The twins get their Pathfinder status from their father, Alec, who was tasked with finding humanity a new place to settle, though the pair of them both have different backgrounds. Scott is Alliance Military, while Sara spent her time researching the Protheans (responsible for all the nifty space travel tech back in Mass Effect). We don't fully understand why Alec passed the title down to his children yet.

Personality-wise, the Ryders could be anything you wanted them to be. While you could always be a jerk in Mass Effect, you were a firm but fair jerk who was essentially only ever doing it for the good of the galaxy. The Paragon/Renegade alignments have been replaced with more "nuanced" social interactions, reacting to discussion with one of four emotive tones: professional, casual, logical, or emotional. Ryder's personality will then settle into place, causing corresponding interactions to become available. Other characters will also pay attention to what you say and do, so don't expect to rain hell down on your teammates and for them to forget it in a hurry. Everything has larger consequences.

Vetra Nyx

Vetra is a female Turian, so those with severe Garrus withdrawal may find themselves happy to settle for this assault-rifle wielding badass. After birth on Palaven, her bio on the Mass Effect website lists her as having lived "too many places to count." She's been through the mill, having survived the worlds of mercenaries and smugglers, but in the process developing skills to keep herself alive. Described thusly, "...she'll do anything for the people she considers friends and family," so it wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume Vetra is going to have one hell of a Loyalty Mission. But you're going to get one hugely indispensable squad member for your troubles. She favors Power Armor, which hardens and activates reinforced shields. Vetra can be romanced, or at least flirted with as a precursor to romance, and so far there is nothing to note whether you have to be one gender or another to successfully dock with her.

Pelessaria B'Sayle (Peebee)

Peebee is an Asari. (All Asari are the same sex but look like women and have maternal instincts). She seems to be quite different from the Asari we have known in Mass Effect in that she is a daredevil and a risk-taker, one who seems happy enough speaking her mind plainly. Described as having a "pathological independence," Peebee isn't about rules or "the method." She left the Milky Way in search of adventure, feeling like there was nothing left to discover there anymore, and is interested in alien technology. She is a gunslinging biotic, and one you can definitely romance regardless of which twin you are.

Cora Harper

We've seen lots of Cora from the trailers, especially of the clip of her smooching Scott Ryder. (Romance option confirmed!) Cora is one of the earliest squad members you'll have access to, as she is on the Hyperion with the Ryders. She's second in command to Pathfinder Alec, so there is obviously some digging to be done to explain why the role goes to his children over his appointed successor. Acting as a ground operations specialist, Cora earned her grits in an elite Asari commando unit, as part of an interspecies integration scheme. Her biotic skills are honed into deadly weapons, and she's not too fussed on keeping the rule book straight, as long as the job gets done. Some people have noted that Cora shares her last name with the Illusive Man, who's real name was revealed in the Mass Effect Redemption comics. Should we read something into that?

Liam Kostas

Liam is the other squad member we meet early on with Cora. He is a human, born in London (yes, on Earth) and lived on the Citadel. Liam is pretty interesting, and he worked previously with a multispecies response team during a civilian crisis (we'd LOVE more details on that) before working with the Andromeda Initiative. He has a wide range of skills which apparently made him perfect for work with the Pathfinders. He favors dual omni-blades (with the assistance of a personal jump jet) for his own brand of butt slicing. Liam, like Vetra, has a flirt conversation option, but whether this leads to full blown engine room shenanigans remains to be seen.


One of three new species in Mass Effect: Andromeda, Jaal is an Angara but not much is known about him or his race at this time. Having seen the combat profiles video, Jaal is labeled a Resistance Fighter, but he's not exactly a confirmed squad member. Mass Effect Andromeda Producer Mike Gamble affirmed that Jaal can be kissed after he was asked by a fan, so Jaal is potentially the Andromedan team member we were promised.

Nakmor Drack (Drack)

Drack is old; he's seen it, done it and killed it. After more than 1,400 years of terrorizing the Milky Way, this battle-hardened Krogan probably has a gear or two to grind, having been a soldier, mercenary and even at times, a pirate. Will we see some tempers flare over the Mass Effect genophage storyline between Vetra and Drack? (The Turians infected the Krogans with a biological weapon developed by Salarians, making the Krogans mostly infertile or at risk of not completing pregnancy, putting their species in danger.) Drack has been around for a good long while, so it will certainly be interesting to see whether or not this has been overcome in Andromeda. He should provide great insight into the farther reaching consequences of a significant part of the original series.

Who's your favorite?

Which new team member is your favorite? Will you attempt to fire up a romance? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Hope its an uwp game
  • It's not, It's made my EA they kinda stick to Origin.
  • Just finished the trial and I am loving it so far. If you're a fan of the original trilogy you're going to love this one also.
  • The 10 hour trial? Quick question, are the achievements still available? I considering going on it tonight.
  • Yes they are (at least on pc), the only bad part is now I have to wait until Tuesday to continue.
  • Trying it now.
  • Scrub that, forgot to download it last night! Tomorrow it is.
  • I hope you enjoy it as much as am.
  • I've sworn off Bioware games as long as Manveer Heir works for them. He's a racist and doesn't hide it on his twitter feed
  • Not worth missing out on over one asshole dev.
  • To be honest the dev isn't the issue. Storytelling is terrible. Dialogue has been done by a 4 year old. The animations are bad. Facial animations are worse still. And the new characters are boring beyond belief. Peebee is the new Jar Jar Binx. Mining is just boring, and planetary exploration is worse than ever. I have no idea how Bioware went from leading the industry in storytelling and dialogue and intrigue to being bottom of the pile in all these categories. I cant believe this came from the same studio.
  • Lol @ Jar Jar Binx. Please tell me its not true!
  • Seriously. She is a terrible character.
  • The characters develop, I'm enjoying the dialogue 20 hours in
  • In most cases. But I think a message needs to be sent. It's not ok to be racist against any race, including whites. If his comments were about a race other than white people, he would've been fired on the spot.
  • Yeah, unfortunately there are a lot of those out there, and the latest happenings in the world have brought them out of the woodwork. There are too many to even worry about at this point. Best thing to do is just know that you are superior to them and move on.
  • What goes around, comes around. Embrace the positivity, discard the negativism. No one person is superior than the other. That mentality is why we still have to deal with this crap in this day and age.
  • Widely getting lampooned for its horrible character models, facial animation, writing and the sheer number of glitches.
  • As with all games some people are going to like it others are gonna hate it. From what I've played so far I've had a couple glitches and the facial animation issue has been way overblown as always its subjective so ymmv.
  • Love the game ....played the ea access trial and can t wait for the official release...
  • The characters are awful in Andromeda. I think the problem is the facial animations and animations in general are downright terrible. That doesn't help the character intergration. On top of that the dialogue is awful. Truly awful. What happened to the amazing dialogue and character interaction the series is known for? PeeBee. Oh god. Peebee is Mass Effects version of Jar Jar Binx. Uuggghhh. I forced myself to play through 6-7 hours of the trial. The storytelling is weak. You don't care about the characters at all. The Kent are such mystery and lack any meaning from the get go. It's a mess of a game. What the hell happened to Bioware???
  • If this is all true then I will truly understand your pain as Bioware has been great since the days of the Jedi. Unfortunately, if you keep going at this rate, I will have to call you the 'Bleached' (or fill in your favorite name here) of gaming. =P
  • See my comment below. If the original trilogy is Michael Jackson, Andromeda is Hanson.
  • I don't think the trial is a good enough amount of play to make a final judgement. Peebee is nothing like Jar Jar, her character is actually quite complex. There are things about the story that are annoying me, tho. And those animations are just shocking.
  • By it I mean she is an attempt at a fan favourite character gone wrong. Shea clearly there because Liara was so loved by the fans. But everything about PeeBee ( yes that's her nickname, lord I know ) is awkward, forced and downright ridiculous. She is clearly there as an attempt at a bisexual Ascari. And why the hell didnt someone at Bioware ask why Fem Ryder is so damn ugly? How?? All the expressions in the game remind me of a cyborg attempting to do expressions, but getting it totally wrong. And if anyone thought Kaiden was a weak character. Liam is an absolute shuttle crash of a character. Mass Effect was one of my all time favourite RPGS of all time. Andromeda is like EA got some coke addicts of the street and asked them to make a game for them. In comparison to The Original trilogy. I honestly have no idea what the hell has happened. I really can't for the love of me understand.
  • EA is what happened, Bioware was awesome before they got bought out and the storytelling when to **** after that. it became a money making exercise. even though i loved the original trilogy i still hold my reservations about it, but thats an arguement for another day.EA should have stuck to sports, cause thats all they are good at...
  • EA has done some other non-sports games that were pretty good and creative. For instance, the Commodore 64 version of Archon and, uh...
  • Look I like four hours left on the EA trial before it comes out. I will grab animations and some of the characters designs or maybe half baked. However you can customize your sister and make her look good. The default character is not great it's not supposed to be they want you to customize your character make it to what you want. I think the dialogues are fine this is not your same run-of-the-mill Mass Effect game. This is about making your own story exploration which within the hours I have played is actually pretty great. You had different choice of dialogue. You will need to give it some time and choices. Just if you play the trial which is only 10 hours is not enough time to make it a full decision. Also most of those things you have talked about can be updated in patches especially the animations and the facial animations. I believe the dialogue is just fine and I used to do dialogue mapping and storytime.
  • The animation is supposed to be at the forefront of development not an after thought lol. It's the main thing that users see and encapsulates realism therefore is key to immersing users into a story and game play. Sure some of us can see past that and enjoy the game never the less but it seems others need more "convincing" lol.
  • Don't get me wrong I completely understand that I actually did some game the home in for a couple years then decided it just wasn't for me. However it does seem that they could probably have some new blood and they made out of there enough testing. However it's still some that can be fixed in patches animations are different they can be fixed no matter what and updates.
  • Yup, some studios do not test thoroughly... *cough* Fallout 3... *Cough* Fallout:New Vegas. To name two of the worst culprits (not enough testing) i've come across. There are many games that need post release patches needing to address glaringly obvious animation glitches - suchas clipping, spawn points pathing issues etc. This is where the modding community is second to none in my opinion ^_^. In regards to the game in question, I haven't played it yet so going to keep an open mind :).
  • Yeah. Sadly that really discourages buying games at release. I'll still be playing Fallout 4 for another few months. Maybe by then this game will be updated to the point that it's good.