Check out Amazon's exclusive Storm Grey variant of the Xbox One S

Those who have yet to purchase the Xbox One S and are thinking of doing so should definitely check out the exclusive storm grey variant of the console at Amazon. The retailer has the 500GB console itself listed for £249.99 (opens in new tab), or £259.99 with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (opens in new tab).

There's also a bundled storm grey Xbox One S controller that will help you obliterate foes in multiplayer matches. This special console color option is also available from GAME (opens in new tab) and Microsoft directly, depending on which bundle you choose. We're not sure how long Amazon has exclusivity over the CoD: Infinite Warfare and standalone bundles.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Saw this on the Xbox Instagram a little while ago, looks pretty good.
  • I bought the gears of war controller and it looks pretty amazing! Makes you wish these customizations and variants were available from the start of the Xbox one launch 2 (or is it 3) years ago. I currently have 3 perfectly working controllers that seem So boring to me now compared to the gears of war one :-)
  • Now I wish I was in the market for one. This would fit so much better into my entertainment center than the white one.
  • *Waiting for one of my current Xbox Ones to break*
  • finding hammer to 'drop' onto current Xbox One
  • *Looking at the pitcher of water with evil intent*
  • So the US is not getting an Infinite Warfare bundle, correct? I keep seeing small references to it here and there... they must be talking about the UK.
  • This is an Amazon UK post specifically. It might be on Amazon U.S. but generally since the "small references" are prices in £ you can assume we're talking UK ;-)
  • Yes, I understand... but I'm curious if the US will get an IW bundle. Seems strange to me that the UK gets one, and not the US.
  • Still waiting on black
  • This looks really good.
  • Most everything in my entertainment center is black so I thought the white X1S added a nice visual change to it.
  • Scorpion onry.
  • If anyone in Australia cares, the Storm Grey version is also available at JB HiFi and the Blue Ink version is at EB Games. I picked up the Storm Grey BF1 bundle (500 GB version) for AU$319, when it's normally $399. Blue Ink bundle is currently AU$359