Check out Chuwi's budget Surface clone in action

Budget tablet maker Chuwi is getting to wrap up its crowdfunding campaing for its latest project, the SurBook. Now, the company has released a short demo video showing off the Surface competitor in action. Check it out below:

The SurBook won't set the world on fire from a specs perspective, but it does look fairly promising if you want a budget Surface alternative. Like the Surface Pro, the SurBook sports a rear kickstand and detachable keyboard cover. The 13.3-inch screen features a resolution of 2736x1824 and works with an included pen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

The biggest hinderance for the SurBook is its Intel Celeron N3450 processor, which isn't going to approach the power of a Surface Pro, but is a necessary sacrifice for the price. Otherwise, the tablet packs a respectable 6GB of RAM and up to 128GB of storage.

The SurBook is still available via Indiegogo with prices ranging from $299 to $399 depending on the package. If you want to back it, however, you'll want to move quickly, as the campaign is almost over (13 hours left as of this writing).

See at Indiegogo

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  • 6GB Ram 128 HD? Now this is more like it.
  • the music is just a little bit too epic....
  • Yeah, you it makes you expect something mindblowing, and all you see is a guy editing a word document and scrolling up and down an excel page. Quite underwhelming. The price seems nice though!
  • I didn't watch all the video, are there explosions at the end? I feel like it was leading up to explosions.
  • Lol. You're gonna think that some Terminator Genisys scenario will play out with that music.
  • Okay. That's actually pretty decent guts for $300.
  • 300 model is probably lower spec'd
  • It's the only model. They have just with less or more storage (64GB or 128GB). Or with or without pen and type cover.
  • I really just want an 8 inch version of this tablet with the same specs. Wish someone would make a powerful 8 inch windows tablet
  • I think we should see some decent SD 8xx based 8" tablets with Win on ARM later this year. At least I hope so.
  • SD 8xx aren't cheap chips :/
  • A top of of the line SD with all connectivity and cellular is less than $85. Top of the line intel atom Soc. package is almost $80 with zero cellular, zero always on, zero quick charge, less battery life vs SD arm SoC, ans can accommodate much thinner and lighter device designs. So, they are cheaper comparatively.
  • SD ARM chips are very cheap compared to Intel or AMD APUs. Only Atoms and Celerons are cheaper.
    The only reason why people think they are expensive is the price the companies want for their over priced smartphones.
  • I love the hard cuts during the opening transition of Excel and Word. So how long did it *really* take for things to open?
  • LMAO I just noticed that!
    Definite hard cuts on the word and excel opening. Looking the cpu benchmarks up on passmark it is slower than an old core 2 duo. I was excited at first but now this product just seems underwhelming. Slow CPU, slow memory......I need more performance and would rather spend a few more $$$ to get it.
  • So wait, heavier thant the surface pro 2, same emmc as the surface 3, and almost the same CPU, old keyboard of the surface pro 3. Frankly you better buy a used surface pro 3 for 300 dollars
  • Perfect rip off, but MS won't mind.
  • I need it to dual boot Android, like my CHUWI 10 inch does. I'll be in Win10 creators 95% of the time, but I want android for that odd app.
  • I've got that one too.  Love that dual boot Windows/Android but I find Android is having a few issues running on Intel, some apps and games don't seem to run fine or at all on Intel. I'd need that same Chuwi 10" with a SD835 with Windows on ARM and Android on ARM.  That'd be great... are you reading this CHUWI?
  • I REALLY want this but I'm going to hold off to see what the new ARM devices have in store for us.
  • Also, I'm not sure what Dan was talking about. As of 1:09 am central time, the is still 20 *days* left.
  • A $400 windows on arm package will beat this package. Also remember iPad, Samsung Arm SoC tablets are $600 to upward of $1000. So, a cellular version in $500 - $600 range will be steal.
    I have been thinking, why wouldn't Apple make their iPad pros use superb emulators to run OSX?
  • Extended for 20 days and a slight bump in price on new preorders...
  • Look at the Video, its very slow, scrolling is cumbersome, and Type cover appears to be flappy and not sturdy enough.
  • Looks real nice.
  • It looks nice id love to have one. They seem well built. The two things im not sure about are the screen and video stutter. Other than that, perfect lowend