Check out EA's Origin Access free for 7 days

If you've ever wanted to give Origin Access a shot, now's your chance. EA is currently offering up 7-day free trials to the game subscription service, giving you access to its load of Vault games, 10% off Origin purchases, and more.

If you're unfamiliar with Origin Access, it's essentially to PCs what EA Access is on the Xbox One. At the cost of a $4.99 per month subscription, you get access to a whole host of games (more than 50 on PC) from the EA Vault, including the likes of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Star Wars Battlefront, and Unravel. On top of that, Origin Access lets you trial some new games before they're released and offers 10% off Origin purchases.

The free trial is a good way to gauge whether the service is something for you. Just be aware that the offer is only set you run through March 7, so you've got a little bit of time to sign up.

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  • Hmmm... can I finish ME3 in 7 days?
  • Lol
  • nope, because the gameplay is restricted to 10h. only
  • Wait what? That can't be right.
  • heh, check origin site - Unravel is limited to 1 level only. Why would EA let you play all their games for free? They are not stupid :)
  • okey, sorry. I dont know if the resctrictions are for the Origin Store itself or the Origin Access?! So if you want to try just register and try it... but you need to enter your credit card number, without it the system wont let you in :)
  • Origin Access is just like EA Access on the Xbox One. You can play all the games in the Access library for as long as you want for the monthly charge.
  • Sorry my friend, but you are wrong, what you are talking about are the first play trials, wich lets you play new ea games before they are released, that is where the 1 level unravel and 10 hour limit comes from, games like mass effect 3 are in the vault, wich is a collection of 50+ full games wich you can play for an unlimited time (as long as you have origin access). You also get a discount of 10%- on all origin games. You can trust me on this, i have origin access sinds 12 february 2016.
  • I have enough malware on my computer but thanks
  • On a slightly related note Skate 3 got added into the vault at some point recently on Xbox One so I've been enjoying that this afternoon.