Check out the new WPCentral commenting system!

As you may have noticed we've launched an all-new, all-awesome commenting system. This is just the beginning, and we'll be adding many new features in the weeks and months to come. For now, there are three things to highlight – new design that matches our new header, up/down vote support and easy report button to flag inappropriate comments.

New comment system

The new comment system is just one part of a larger redesign we're working on. You've already seen the new header, and now we've made the comments better. We can't wait to share more changes coming to the site in the future.

Right now you'll see our new comment system when visiting our site through your web browser. Though don't worry, the new comment system will be coming to the app soon!

Let us know what you think of the new comments. We're still tweaking them, so hop into the forums if you notice any bugs.

Sam Sabri