OtterBox's $89 Surface Duo 2 case is now shipping, still not available from Microsoft

Otterbox Surface Duo2
Otterbox Surface Duo2 (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's new Surface Duo 2 is on the way.
  • After you've spent a minimum of $1,499 on that device, consider ponying up $89 more for a case.
  • OtterBox's Duo 2 case is a slim hard-shell model with port cover functionality for dirt buildup prevention.

Update 2/1/2022: The case is now shipping from Otterbox. If you're waiting on the Microsoft store listing to make your purchase... keep waiting.

Update 11/17/2021: The Microsoft Store is now listing the Otterbox case for Surface Duo 2 along with new photos of it with the phone (seen here). There is still no release date, although it is expected to arrive sometime in November.

In the event you're not behind on any car payments after putting down $1,499 (at minimum) for your Surface Duo 2, consider plopping down $89 more for a case to go with the two-screen successor to the original Surface Duo, a device Microsoft put on sub-$400 firesales throughout most of 2021.

Here's what OtterBox's Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Riveter Series Case is packing:

  • Full-coverage hard shell case for Microsoft Duo
  • Sleek case guards screens and back of device
  • Corners and hinges protected against damage from drops and fumbles
  • Precision design keeps case attached securely
  • DROP+ | Drop tested to meet military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)
  • Port cover blocks dirt, dust and lint from getting into charging port
  • All device features function as expected
  • Case is easy to install and remove
  • Limited lifetime warranty supported by hassle-free customer service

Alternatively, if you're not in the market for the Surface Duo 2, check out everything else that was announced at Microsoft's 2021 Surface event. Maybe you'd be more interested in a Surface Laptop Studio or an eco-friendly(-ish) mouse.

For those abroad who want Surface devices but can't get them due to regional release dates, check out the workaround for getting Surface devices on time outside the U.S.

Update: The case is now shipping from Otterbox, and remains unavailable via its very own Microsoft Store listing.

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  • These fugly things gunking up what is a meticulously crafted device make me question the point of an all glass and fragile phone every time I see them.
  • Absolutely none of it makes sense, from start to finish. Feels like lighting a couple thousand bucks on fire.
  • In a lot of instances, I'm with you. We used to get "fragile" devices and were told to get cases to offer drop protection and waterproofing as protection. Now, we get the dust/waterproofing on the device, but get told that there's no actual warranty for those promises of protection. So, we still need a case that defeats the crappy compromises of things like a unibodt design thwith no removable battery that supposedly "need" to get waterproofing (even though the Galaxy S5 offered a removable back and user-replaceabke battery with an IP rating). The Duo is a little different, since it only offers an IPX1 rating that barely does anything to protect the device. A case offers more functional protection for a relatively delicate device. I don't mind letting users decide if they want the elegance OR the protection, but a lot of OEMs make you give up the elegance and make their engineered "protection" irrelevant because they won't actually stand behind the IP rating promises.
  • Because the alternative would be a sonim or a kyocera, and your teenage daughter can't possibly be seen in public with one of those? 🤣 Joking aside, I'm completely with you. They keep making phones thinner and prettier... and the resulting cases look more and more like big bricks to protect them. Some part of me wonders if it's really just an excuse to sell more accessories. I will say my first-gen duo has survived a few drops with the bumper on.
  • It's this, it's 100% this. They want you buying accessories.
  • Interesting to see how that works, and also why this same style case couldn't have been made for version 1.
  • Because the original folds 360 degrees. A bumper is all that would work without sacrificing the full range of motion in the hinge.
  • That didn't stop the Theorem, did it? ;)
  • Has there been any indication of whether ProClip USA is going to refresh their Duo mount for the Duo 2, or if the existing one will fit the Duo 2? Accessory support was pretty slow to come last year, and a good car mount (ideally one that would support cases like this) would be another nice investment.
  • Hopefully, this time around there will be an actual pouch holster made for the duo 2 and not just another ugly horizontal clip-on holster that offers no protection. I'll wait for the cheaper offbrand version of this case on Amazon. There will probably be plenty of them by the time I get around to buying the duo 2. I'm just now breaking in the OG Duo
  • I had and OG duo until about a week ago. I'm waiting patiently for the price to go down on Duo 2 however, if the price is right on a Duo 1 and it gets the Android 11 or 12L I'd ride with that but as it is, we don't know if or when it might be updated. I really miss my dual screens on the Duo despite what people say, going back to a single screen is a real bummer for me but $1499 is as well!
  • I really hate cases on electronics like this. Just hate it! But on the other hand the alternative is designing devices that all look like pre-schoolers tablets. I can't stomach that either. Until we find lightweight, indestructible materials that are also appropriate for electronics use ... here we are.
  • Carbon Fibre seems to be a great alternative material for protection, but not seen anything as yet!
  • Very interested in this. but is the back covered by the case or a film? I cannot tell from the picture
  • It's part of the case. Clear plastic on front and back.
  • "most protection yet" still offers little protection. What a joke.
  • I take it your pen won't charge with this on? But anyway, it's probably the most sturdy-looking case I've seen for the Duo line.
  • For about $100 more you can get Complete Care which means you can enjoy your phone's aesthitetics as well as give you a new phone if you damage it...
  • Too late, bumpers work just fine.
  • I have been using this one and it works great