OtterBox's $89 Surface Duo 2 case is now shipping, still not available from Microsoft

Otterbox Surface Duo2
Otterbox Surface Duo2 (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's new Surface Duo 2 is on the way.
  • After you've spent a minimum of $1,499 on that device, consider ponying up $89 more for a case.
  • OtterBox's Duo 2 case is a slim hard-shell model with port cover functionality for dirt buildup prevention.

Update 2/1/2022: The case is now shipping from Otterbox. If you're waiting on the Microsoft store listing to make your purchase... keep waiting.

Update 11/17/2021: The Microsoft Store is now listing the Otterbox case for Surface Duo 2 along with new photos of it with the phone (seen here). There is still no release date, although it is expected to arrive sometime in November.

In the event you're not behind on any car payments after putting down $1,499 (at minimum) for your Surface Duo 2, consider plopping down $89 more for a case to go with the two-screen successor to the original Surface Duo, a device Microsoft put on sub-$400 firesales throughout most of 2021.

Here's what OtterBox's Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Riveter Series Case is packing:

  • Full-coverage hard shell case for Microsoft Duo
  • Sleek case guards screens and back of device
  • Corners and hinges protected against damage from drops and fumbles
  • Precision design keeps case attached securely
  • DROP+ | Drop tested to meet military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)
  • Port cover blocks dirt, dust and lint from getting into charging port
  • All device features function as expected
  • Case is easy to install and remove
  • Limited lifetime warranty supported by hassle-free customer service

Alternatively, if you're not in the market for the Surface Duo 2, check out everything else that was announced at Microsoft's 2021 Surface event. Maybe you'd be more interested in a Surface Laptop Studio or an eco-friendly(-ish) mouse.

For those abroad who want Surface devices but can't get them due to regional release dates, check out the workaround for getting Surface devices on time outside the U.S.

Update: The case is now shipping from Otterbox, and remains unavailable via its very own Microsoft Store listing.

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