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Microsoft looks to make a splash with its Ocean Plastic Mouse made with recycled material

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse With Box
Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse With Box (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced its Ocean Plastic Mouse today.
  • The shell of the mouse is made of 20% recycled ocean plastic.
  • The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse is available for preorder now for $25.

The Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Duo 2, and Surface Go 3 may have stolen the show, but Microsoft announced plenty of other devices today. At risk of being lost in the flurry of major product announcements, Microsoft unveiled its Ocean Plastic Mouse. The accessory is made of 20% recycled ocean plastics and is available for preorder for $25.

The shape of the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse appears identical to that of the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse. It's an ambidextrous design with a scroll wheel in the middle. Unlike the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse, the Microsoft Ocean Mouse has a speckled shell that appears to show off the microplastics used to make it.

The shell of the Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse is made of plastics recovered from oceans and waterways. Plastic is collected and processed into recyclable pellets that are blended to create the mouse's shell.

CategoryMicrooft Ocean Plastic Mouse
DImensions(L) 100.4 mm x (W) 58.2 mm x (H) 38.3 mm ((L) 3.95 in x (W) 2.29 in x (H) 1.51 in))
Weight84 g
BluetoothBluetooth Low Energy compatible, 4.0/4.1/4.2/5.0
Wireless2.4 GHz, 33 ft (10 m) range in open area, 16 ft (5 m) office environment
BatteryUp to 12 months on a single AA battery

The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse ships in a 100% recyclable box made of wood and sugarcane fibers. Microsoft also has a mouse recycling program in some areas that allows people to mail in their old mouse to be recycled for free.

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  • Naming a product after the material ONLY 20% of it is comprised of is ludicrous. Imagine seeing a shirt advertised as 20% cotton, for example.
  • Oh you mean like how certain phones and computers are sold as "Carbon Fiber" or "Gold" edition, even though most of the time they aren't made out of real carbon fiber, or gold, but just colored that way?
  • Gold is a color. Ive not seen a phone being promoted as gold color and thought it must be gold plated. You have a dog brain.
  • Okay. Why not just do it with everything and just put this fact as a line item? I'm fine with whatever creates a demand for ocean trash so that there is an incentive to retrieve it, but calling out this one product betrays the fact Microsoft is not doing this with their other products. They will sell more Xbox accessories than they will these mice. Why not start there?
  • I imagine this is a proof of concept type of thing. Xbox equipment, like a mouse, will need to be highly durable. The mouse compared to an xbox controller is fairly simple. I assume this will provide good data to assess the long term durability of the recycled plastics and if the % can be increased. But as stated, any use of the ocean plastics is a good thing.
  • So, it's 20% recycled plastic............mmmm so 80% is regular's not actually made of recycled material if you ask me....