This $39 Stardock PC game bundle includes RimWorld, Gal Civ III and more!

Stardock has been around for ages in both the software market as well as being a producer of top quality PC games. The company is also about offering some pretty good value for gamers, which brings us to the latest game bundle, called Colonize the Universe. This PC game bundle contains four quality titles, including RimWorld, Planetbase, Galactic Civilizations III, and Offworld Trading Company. All for $39.

The total retail value of the bundle is around $109, which offers a huge $70 discount. And these aren't some stocking fillers either. RimWorld is an incredibly well-rated, developed and popular colony management and strategy game, while Offworld Trading Company offers a more relaxed, yet sinister enterprise approach to heated competitive play. Planetbase allows you to settle down on harsh planets and battle climates that seek to destroy you, and finally, Gal Civ III is Stardock's flagship galactic empire behemoth.

The promotion bundle is available until August 21. Check out the games on offer by hitting the link below. (Just be sure that your PC meets the recommended requirements to get the most out of your purchase.)

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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