Check out these amazing Pokémon Halo evolutions 😂

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! seem to be the most popular games on the planet at the moment. It's not a surprise because the Pokémon franchise is absolutely enormous and features millions of fans. A lot of fan art has also come out since launch. We've seen plenty of crossovers and much more.

Recently, a DeviantArt user by the name of Sketch-BGI, also known as Kaleb Raleigh, posted Pokémon Halo evolutions which are adorable and ingenious to say the least. We have everything from the Flood to Covenant worms. Which one is your favorite? Let us know.

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A few months ago, Microsoft opened its E3 2018 briefing with a teaser for Halo Infinite which is powered by the new Slipspace Engine. According to Xbox's Phil Spencer, the game is Master Chief's greatest story yet. 343 Industries added that the engine allows opportunities for emergent experiences for gamers of today and tomorrow. The official website (opens in new tab) states that Halo Infinite is targeting Xbox One and PC, and should run at "4K Ultra HD" and "HDR" on Xbox One X.

The project seems to be going in a radically new direction so it'll take time to craft this experience. Hopefully 343 Industries will take cues from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when it comes to environmental interactivity because the setting seems to be the star of the show in the trailer. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

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  • You keep on mentioning comparisons to how it could be like breath of the wild. Would love to see an article on what you mean by this and your opinion on how it would benefit Halo.
  • You should play it for yourself, the game is absolutely huuuge. It's pretty damn good too especially given the tegra soc running on the switch with hardly much load times when roaming around. They got around the draw distance issue ingeniously.
  • I've played Breath of the Wild multiple times. I love the game. I don't see how any of the concepts would mesh well with Halo though.
  • My best guess is they want to interact more with the environment itself. Climbing trees, walls, etc. Cutting down trees. Moving metal objects. Creating/Breaking ice objects. Swimming. Maybe even climate effects (cold/hot).
  • Object interaction? Might want to look at Just Cause 4?
    Sure, same as Zelda, the magic came from Havok. but... attach a few rockets on objects to make it fly or float, so you can stand on it, apply extra force and move it around? Unfit to Halo universe no? Open World design, quest design, ragdoll, IK, sequencer, AI, interaction, etc, Red Dead 2 as an example maybe? Tech, and (insane amount of) man power (which equals to money and overtimes and crunch hours) were involved.
    Compared to RDR2, Zelda-BotW is like a child...
  • When I think Halo, I think fast second to second gunplay where every split second decision matters. When I think BotW I think of slower planning phases. Honestly, in my opinion, I think slowing down Halo to add climbing and prepping would ruin the game or turn it into an entirely different game. If the latter is the case, 343 should just make a non Halo game. As far as I know, there's no rules against that. While I love Halo, if the team wants to do something else, Microsoft would be wasting talent to force them to make a Halo game if their heart wasn't in it.