Check out these Surface Duo skins from SopiGuard

Sopiguard Surface Duo Skin
Sopiguard Surface Duo Skin (Image credit: SopiGuard)

What you need to know

  • SopiGuard has dozens of skins available for Surface Duo.
  • Skins come in carbon fiber, metallic, matte, and tons of other finishes.
  • The skins are available to order now starting at $13.

Update 10/1: These SopiGuard skins are now on Amazon (opens in new tab) in all versions for easier purchasing.

We're starting to see a slow trickle of accessories for Surface Duo hit the scene since the device's launch earlier this month. One area where there are relatively few options, however, is skins. Fortunately, if you want to add another pop of color or texture to your Surface Duo (with a little protection, to boot), a company called SopiGuard has dozens of Surface Duo skins available and ready to ship.

In all, SopiGuard has eight different textures and styles of skins to choose from. Those range from a simple matte color, to metallic, carbon fiber, and color shift designs. With each, you can choose from a bunch of different colors as well.

If you want to add little more flair to the back of your Duo, SopiGuard also has a dedicated colorful skin for the Microsoft logo in the tech giant's usual colors.

Reddit user therealmrsymba received their skins already posted a picture (seen below), so you can see what they look like. The picture shows a gold honeycomb pattern on one side and metallic purple on the other.

Sopiguard Duo Skin

Source: u/therealmrsymba (Image credit: Source: u/therealmrsymba)

It's worth noting that dbrand is also selling Surface Duo skins (opens in new tab) but they don't appear to be shipping just yet.

SopiGuard's Surface Duo skins are available now for between $13 and $15, depending on the style. If skins aren't your style, you can also check out some of the best Surface Duo cases to add a bit more protection to your device.

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  • How do the quality of Sopiguard's skins compare to Dbrand? Dbrand seems to be the gold standard with 3M.
  • Some of the skins are 3M, some are Avery and some don't say the brand. If you go to their site and click on Color Chart you can see all their options and some of them list the brand with them
  • I've used many skins from this brand over the past few years. They are high quality. I've always been satisfied with them.
  • Black looks AWESOME.
  • They should have made a black version from the get go to match the Surface Pro X. That would have been beautiful add with mines.
  • They're already holding back production, because they're not sure what kind of demand there will be. Adding another production line doesn't make a lot of sense, especially when affordable skins exist.
  • Yep and skins help with wear and tear
  • Who makes a skin to match the bumper colors?
  • Just an update on the D Brand skins, my order finally shipped out Yesterday.