Surface Pro XSource: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central

What you need to know

  • A new video from Microsoft shows off Windows 11 on the Surface Pro X.
  • The video highlights how the new operating system is touch-optimized alongside several new features.
  • The newly-posted video was also shown during Microsoft's Windows 11 event last week.

Last week when Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, it showed the operating system running on the Surface Pro X during part of the event. That segment focused on how the OS is optimized for touch and showcased several new features. Now, that clip is available from Microsoft on its own. Microsoft also has a blog post discussing how the Surface Pro X works well with Windows 11.

The video appears to be identical to what Microsoft shared during its livestream but is easier to find than having to jump through a 45-minute video.

Windows 11's touch-optimization is a large focus of the video. The presenter detaches the keyboard from the Surface Pro X, and the Taskbar icons space out a bit. Touch targets also get larger, making it easier to resize windows and to move them around.

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Swipe gestures work on touchscreens, and they're the same familiar gestures that already work on Windows trackpads. The video highlights how navigating the operating system is easier with touch, including swiping the widgets panel open and into fullscreen mode.

All of these touch-based features should work on any Windows 11 device that supports touch, but the Surface Pro X is a good device to showcase them. Microsoft aims for its Surface products to illustrate what devices running Windows can do.

With its thin bezels, 3:2 aspect ratio, and support for touch and pen, the Surface Pro X is arguably the most modern Surface device. Now, it's been shown off running Windows 11, which aims to be the most modern version of the operating system.