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Check out Windows 11 on the Surface Pro X

Surface Pro X
Surface Pro X (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new video from Microsoft shows off Windows 11 on the Surface Pro X.
  • The video highlights how the new operating system is touch-optimized alongside several new features.
  • The newly-posted video was also shown during Microsoft's Windows 11 event last week.

Last week when Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, it showed the operating system running on the Surface Pro X during part of the event. That segment focused on how the OS is optimized for touch and showcased several new features. Now, that clip is available from Microsoft on its own. Microsoft also has a blog post discussing how the Surface Pro X works well with Windows 11.

The video appears to be identical to what Microsoft shared during its livestream but is easier to find than having to jump through a 45-minute video.

Windows 11's touch-optimization is a large focus of the video. The presenter detaches the keyboard from the Surface Pro X, and the Taskbar icons space out a bit. Touch targets also get larger, making it easier to resize windows and to move them around.

Swipe gestures work on touchscreens, and they're the same familiar gestures that already work on Windows trackpads. The video highlights how navigating the operating system is easier with touch, including swiping the widgets panel open and into fullscreen mode.

All of these touch-based features should work on any Windows 11 device that supports touch, but the Surface Pro X is a good device to showcase them. Microsoft aims for its Surface products to illustrate what devices running Windows can do.

With its thin bezels, 3:2 aspect ratio, and support for touch and pen, the Surface Pro X is arguably the most modern Surface device. Now, it's been shown off running Windows 11, which aims to be the most modern version of the operating system.

Sean Endicott
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  • With the ability to re-enable the live-tile & foldered start menu with the registry change, I think I can embrace W11 without any reservations on my SPX. Excited to see it come!
  • They mentioned haptics. Do any of the surface tablets have vibration?
  • Great question. None that I know of (and I've owned and used a few). Maybe the Go 2? I don't recall any haptics on the SPX. WC, any thoughts?
  • Future Surface Pens will have haptic feedback.
  • I think he was talking about the pen having haptic feedback.
  • So it will run on Surface Pro X? The compatibility check won't install on mine and I couldn't find the 8cx on the CPU list
  • Yes it will. Installing now
  • Got it on mine now too. Pretty slick so far😁
  • Does this build support X64 Apps? Did that feature get in to the WIndows 11 build?
  • I thought this video was better than Panos Panay. No offense to Panos, but he can ramble even in a scripted event. This video was very clear by comparison. I also think this is a good counter to the WC article about how W11 doesn't matter. It's clearly a sizable improvement in the user experience, plus a strong signal about a commitment to improvement in that area.
  • This video is a lot more scripted and it does come across as a typical Apple product video. It's a different style than Panay's more freeform delivery. Some of the touchscreen gestures do look rough compared to an iPad but that's to be expected with a beta product. I hope Windows 11 finally makes touchscreen tablets a first-class citizen on Windows instead of being an afterthought.
  • How is 11 a "sizable improvement in the user experience"? It takes away a lot of options, its different, it turns the task bar into a useless element much like the Mac Dock. Not seeing the improvements.
  • Did they drop the price to $499 to match the performance?
  • Yep ... even mentioned you by name! What a great idea they said "thanks bleached!"
  • Ha ha ha!
  • Installed on my SPX and looks good so far (knock on wood). Will continue to kick the tires.
  • I'm not sure why, but Windows 11 on my Pro X is still running the old Microsoft store app.
  • This happened to me too. Restart the computer or the store app after downloading all app updates and it should fix the problem
  • The BIG question is ... Will it support Android Apps ???
  • Is there option to hide title bars? I still didnf find it. Like Windows 10 tablet mode hide all the bars, also Task bar
  • Still is a major disappointment from what was meant to be a flagship Microsoft device, like the $899 M1 MacBook Air is to Apple. Until MS works on tablet apps and their own custom ARM chips, this device isn't going to gain traction anytime soon.
  • Personally, I think the Surface Pro X was meant to be an "alternative" or "experiment" more than a flagship device. The flagship is the Surface Pro 7+.