Check out Xbox's new Community Calendar, available now to NXOE insiders

The New Xbox One Experience updates are marching on, with the most recent build delivering controller remapping and various other improvements.

While we wait for new OS builds, Microsoft has introduced a new feature accessible via the Xbox One Preview Dashboard. The new Beta Games and Apps section will provide insiders with access to in-development content for Xbox One. The first app to feature in the new section is the Community Calendar app, which provides a way to keep track of various events Xbox fans may find relevant, all in a single place.

How to download the new Community Calendar

If you're in the NXOE preview, you can access the new Community Calendar using the following steps:

  • Go to your Games and Apps
  • Select the Xbox Preview Dashboard app
  • Click on the new Beta Games and Apps tile
  • From there, you can redeem access to the new Community Calendar, and then download it

The new Community Calendar parses filterable events and opportunities the Xbox community might find interesting. For now, this includes game launches (although as of writing, there's quite a few missing), various scheduled live streams with first and third party game developers, sweepstakes and upcoming Games with Gold.

Clicking on a calendar event gives you more information, and allows you to jump into the event's relevant apps, usually either Twitch or the game store.

While the calendar isn't populated with a great deal of content right now, the category filter reveals Microsoft's ideas for future additions.

The complete filter list includes the following topics and descriptions:

  • Tournaments - Major eSports events broadcasted here. Watch the best of the best compete for the title of Champion.
  • Sweepstakes - Win cool stuff.
  • Livestreams - Tune in to Twitch to see community managers and guests showcase awesome games.
  • Gatherings - Streams hosted by the community, for the community. Xbox Ambassadors and Community Managers put on Gatherings for you to learn game strategies, meet new players, and talk about the latest news.
  • Game With Fame - Tune in to Twitch for your chance to play with top celebrities and industry leaders. Join in and play, chat & ask questions, or just watch the fun unfold.
  • Game Launch - Finally! Now you can see the launch dates of games coming to Xbox One, all in one place.
  • Game Add-Ons - From Minecraft texture packs to new Forza cars, find out when you can get more of your favorite games.
  • Free Stuff - You're part of the Xbox community, and we love you, so have some free stuff. Here you'll find Free Movie Weekends, Games with Gold, and Free to Play games.
  • Community Programming - Original content brought to you by Xbox.

Some of the tiles in the calendar are 'sponsored' by third parties, so presumably other game publishers will be able to advertise their streams on this calendar as well, should it escape beta.

If you live and breath Xbox, having all the relevant events in one place will prove handy - particularly if they add it as a glanceable live tile in the community section. Hint, hint Mr. Ybarra!

Are you in the NXOE? Will you use the community calendar? Let us know below - and don't forget to complete your survey in the Xbox Preview Dashboard app!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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