Check your inbox, you might have 20GB of extra SkyDrive storage

Loyal SkyDrive OneDrive customer? It looks like Microsoft is pulling an old page out of the playbook and giving out some free storage to users. Tips are coming in that there’s an email in inbox that offers you an extra 20GB of online storage. It’s in part to celebrate loyal customers and to notify customers of the upcoming name switch to OneDrive.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has given out geebees like candy. Early adopters were gifted a few pieces of extra storage last August. And a month ago 20GB of extra storage was given out to Windows Phone customers.

Today if you’re a “loyal” SkyDrive user you might get an email giving you 20GB of storage. We say might because last time they didn’t give me any extra storage. Don’t cry for me.

Let us know if you received an email giving out extra space for SkyDrive/OneDrive.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

Sam Sabri