CHECKPOINT: How does Xbox fix its Japanese game problem?

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Welcome to Checkpoint. The show where we stop to break down all the biggest Xbox/PC gaming news stories of the week so far. In this episode, we discuss a PlayStation exclusive coming to Xbox Game Pass, Certain Affinity working on additional Halo Infinite content, the current state of Japanese games on Xbox, whether or not Xbox plans to deliver a handheld console, and so much more!


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Our goal with CHECKPOINT is to deliver a quick and convenient way for our audience to digest Xbox news each and every week. We view this as a hybrid format that combines our favorite elements of standard news recaps with added editorial opinions and conversations from myself and my co-host, Jez Corden. The current target length for a standard episode is 15-20 minutes. As we already deliver a weekly gaming podcast called Xbox Chaturdays, we want to ensure that CHECKPOINT serves as a more digestible standalone video series on the Windows Central Gaming channel.

The news covered this week

  • Bugsnax coming to Xbox Game Pass00:20
  • Certain Affinity's growing relationship with Xbox — 03:34
  • How does Xbox fix its Japan Problem? — 07:00
  • Will Xbox be releasing an answer to the DualSense? — 11:23
  • When will Game DVR be fixed? — 15:01
  • Is Xbox working on a handheld console? — 18:08
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