Kinect adventure Child of Eden and more games are joining backward compatibility today

Child of Eden, Goat Simulator, and KOF Sky Stage all have their own unique appeal due to the fact that they belong to vastly different genres. Child of Eden is a rhythm-based action game created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, best known for Rez. It's a visual marvel that Ubisoft brought to the market in 2011. Child of Eden was one of the first games to support the original Kinect so that's what helped it stand out at E3 2010. While the Xbox One doesn't currently support the Xbox 360's peripheral, you can still use the controller with ease.

Goat Simulator is relatively new because it released in 2014. As the name suggests, you play as a goat and instead of eating grass and doing goat-related activities, you're in a small city hitting cars and causing mayhem in general. The game is absolutely insane and will surprisingly occupy a lot of your time. The title was also released natively on Xbox One but if you bought it when you still owned an Xbox 360, you can now play it on Microsoft's newer console. It was also a free Games with Gold so you may already own it.

Lastly, KOF Sky Stage is an arcade-like vertical shooting game with King of Fighters characters. King of Fighters is a rather popular franchise so the KOF naming probably threw you off a little. To rescue fighters trapped in a twisted dimensional prison, the King of Fighters heroes have to fly through the skies and shoot down demons and wraiths. Usually you're shooting aircraft so this title turns the genre around a little by introducing a little magic, instead of simply technology, to the mix. KOF Sky Stage came out in 2010 but the visuals are quite timeless.

If you own these games on Xbox 360, be sure to check them out on Xbox One. The Xbox One Backward Compatibility program has countless titles but be sure to give games like Child of Eden a go because they may surprise you. Even though the Kinect is no longer a priority for Microsoft, the resulting gameplay has given us a few gems. Child of Eden is one of them. As gamers, we should always be exploring new genres and new way to experience our favorite activity! Hopefully more of these Kinect-ready games will make their way to Xbox One even though you have to play them with a controller.

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Asher Madan

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