Chime in: Can Surface Go compete with Apple's iPad?

Surface Go
Surface Go (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Expected to be released August 2, 2018, Microsoft's affordable and portable Surface Go is a great Surface Pro alternative for schools and the enterprise sector, as well as just about anyone who needs something small to slip into a backpack. It can be used strictly as a tablet in conjunction with the Surface Pen, or a keyboard can be snapped on for a full typing experience.

Surface Go is a 10-inch $399 tablet aimed at schools, kids, and enterprise

The impending release unsurprisingly has a lot of people drawing similarities between Apple's iPad, and Windows Central forum member libra89 recently created a thread asking whether or not others think that Surface Go can catch up to the iPad in terms of popularity and appeal.

(Edit: The title might seem like I'm saying that the Surface Go is not on the same level, but I only mean in popularity/familiarity ONLY.) This is just for discussion, but I'll like to know what you think. Both of these devices have pen support and are the cheapest in their hardware lines. As iPads are what people think of when it comes to tablets, can you see the Surface Go also there as...


libra89 mentions that both devices have pen support and are the cheapest in their respective hardware lineups, but also mentions that iPads are what a lot of people think of first when the word "tablet" is mentioned.

Poll: Are you preordering Microsoft's Surface Go?

Do you think Surface Go can at some point catch up to the iPad in terms of familiarity? How long would that process take? Do you think we should even be comparing the Go and iPad in the first place? Head on over to the forum and let libra89 know what you think!

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