Chime in: Choosing between the HP Envy x360 and Lenovo Flex 5

Buying a new laptop is a process that should be navigated carefully, lest you get stuck with a device that's outdated, overpriced, and prone to failure. As long as you do your research and compare similar devices in a certain price range, you should come out the other side with a quality laptop that's suited to your needs.

Windows Central forum member Bbeelzebub recently created a thread as part of their shopping process, asking to hear other opinions about HP's Envy x360 and Lenovo's Flex 5.


So, I've decided to get a new laptop. I have a 10" HP 2 in 1 that I really like (for around the house browns and some email), so I think I'm going to stick with that form factor over a traditional laptop. I've pretty much narrowed it down to an HP Envy x360 15.6". 17" laptops are just a hassle to me. I've had several HP computers over the years and only one clunker among them. I...


Bbeelzebub has sights set on the 15.6-inch Envy x360 with an AMD FX processor (CPU), but the 14-inch version of the Flex 5 with Intel Core i5 CPU is also attractive, with its solid-state drive (SSD) and Lenovo Active Pen (I favorably reviewed the 15-inch version). There are some questions about design and quality, which is why Bbeelzebub popped the question in the first place.

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What do you think? Is the HP laptop a better buy than the Lenovo Flex 5? What's the long-term quality like? How much of a difference does the Intel CPU make over the AMD CPU? Drop by our forum and join the discussion!

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