Chime in: Will Microsoft will release a new Surface Pro in 2018?

Buying a new, expensive product only to have it replaced by a newer model a few weeks or months later is a big fear for a lot of tech buyers. You're paying good money and you want the latest and greatest for it.

In the case of the Surface Pro, there's nothing right now to suggest a refresh, but it's playing on the minds of one community member.

Anyone know? I want to buy a new one but I don’t an older model.


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One rule I have: If you wait for the next big new thing, you'll always be waiting. And to some extent, that's absolutely true. You may want a Surface Pro now, but what's to say if you wait, HP, Dell, Lenovo or ASUS won't put out a better product that you want even more?

In the case of the Surface Pro, in particular, Microsoft is only now pushing out an LTE model, so it's not that likely a new one is right around the corner. So it's probably safe to go with the current one if you're nervous a new model is coming soon.

But it also raises another question: Do you think Microsoft will refresh the Surface Pro later this year? Would you wait and see or do what I'd do and jump in right now? Jump into the forums thread below and join the discussion.

From the forums: When will we see a new Surface Pro?

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