Chime in: Does it make sense to buy the Surface Pro as a tablet replacement?

Microsoft's Surface Pro is the shining example of what a 2-in-1 device can look and act like, thanks to a beautiful touch display, useful kickstand, and performance hardware inside. There are also a bunch of useful accessories that really flesh out the Surface Pro, including the Surface Pen, Surface Dial, and Type Covers, but they're sold separately.

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Windows Central forum member haiderkhokhar18 recently created a thread asking whether or not they should keep their Toshiba tablet or invest in the new Surface Pro.

Hi Should i keep my toshiba tablet or should i buy the surface pro


Judging by the original post, it seems like haiderkhokhar18 is just looking for a tablet experience, so it begs the question whether or not the Surface Pro is worth the money if you don't plan on adding the extra accessories that turn it into a true laptop. There are no doubt cheaper alternatives, but can they stack up?

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