Chime in: How well does Surface Pen work on privacy screens or screen protectors?

Surface Pen
Surface Pen (Image credit: Windows Central)

An interesting question popped up in our forums the other day, asking whether or not the Surface Pen would work on a device that has a screen protector on. It's a good question because it's not immediately obvious if it would.

The answer, however, is a positive one. The Surface Pen should work just fine on a device with a screen protector, because the magic that makes the pen work on the screen is under the screen, so it's designed to work through material such as glass and screen protectors.

I have screen protectors on my Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, and both iPad Pros and the pens/pencils work fine. I use matte protectors because I hate glare and fingerprints and the texture improves the feel of the pen/pencil to me.


If you're wondering about whether or not you can put a screen protector on your new Surface Go, the answer is yes! Of course, this might depend entirely on the kind of device you're using, so make sure you tell us about your experiences in our forums.

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