Chime in: Is Surface Pro or Surface Go better for business users?

Surface Go
Surface Go (Image credit: Windows Central)

Surface Go has got everyone talking over the last few weeks. It's the latest Surface from Microsoft, and it's also the cheapest Surface to date. As such, many more people are interested in the device, including business users, but is it better for business?

Depending on your business needs, the Surface Go should be fine. If you're a rather heavy PC user however, you might wish to opt for the Surface Pro instead, with its bigger screen and more power under the hood. A bigger screen means a bigger keyboard, which is easier to type on too.

My history since the 1990’s with laptops and tablets for business is simple. Owned the first generation Panasonic toteable… frequent crashes and heavy….. traded it for an iPad….no mouse, no track pad, bad keyboards sold separately, MS Office needs a mouse and keyboard …bought a Yoga…everything great except the size – try showing a Power Point on a client’s messy desk with a 14” computer. Then...

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None of that matters though if you're perfectly contempt with the smaller size of the Surface Go. It's a great mini PC, especially for editing presenting documents or presentations. Plus, you save yourself quite a fair bit in cash if you opt for the Surface Go over the Surface Pro, so it might be worth the trade offs.

Either way, we have an active discussion on this very topic happening right now in our forums, so make sure you join in and voice your opinion.

Zac Bowden
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