Thus, we want to hear from you about your best suggestions for affordable Xbox gifts this year. Maybe it's a Funko Cuphead figurine, some awesome rechargeable batteries for a controller, or even a simple Xbox credit voucher. There's a related conversation going on in our forums right now.

Al Sacco
Al Sacco

It's the holiday season once again. Many of us have avid gamers in our lives, who we need to find gifts for. We'd all love to be able to buy One X consoles for them (or ourselves) but they do not come cheap. And most of us simply don't have the cash for that. We put together a great guide of gamer-related gifts, including games and some unique accessories, and we tried to keep budget-conscious...


As for me, I'll be picking up some Xbox limited edition controllers, such as the recently announced Sea of Thieves translucent controller, and a replacement headset for a family member, in the form of Turtle Beach's affordable 600 Stealth wireless headset.

All ideas are valid, and we want to hear yours!

What are the best affordable gifts for Xbox gamers?

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