Chime in: What are the best in-ear headphones for Windows audio geeks?

Headphones are a very personal thing with different people prioritizing different things. But what about if you just want the best? As in, truly top-class sound?

That's the subject of a thread over in the Windows Central forums.

Well forums you're going to learn something new about me, it's that I'm an audiophile. Yep that's my big secret. But on a serious note, there is such a large market for guys like me who enjoy listening to music anywhere and everywhere. Because there's a time and place for every song that's ever been made. But the only problem is some headphones are gimmicks that are over priced and others are...


In-ear headphones, in particular, vary an awful lot in quality, but you can get some really amazing ones and you don't necessarily have to spend the earth.

Personally, I spent many a year using a pair of Bang and Olufsen Play 3 in-ear headphones. The incredible build quality and innovative adjustment mechanism drew me in, the sound quality made me stay. I'd still be using them today had they not met an unfortunate cat-related end.

But what about you? If you're using a pair of in-ear headphones you think are particularly good we want to hear about it. So hit the forums thread below and let us know!

Suggestions for the best in-ear headphones

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