Chime in: What PC games are you looking forward to?

There has never been a better time to be a PC gamer, whether you're into the latest AAA titles like Destiny 2, indie gems like Terraria, or even classics like Heroes of Might and Magic. Platforms like Steam, GOG and now Microsoft's own Windows Store (now that it's better than before) make it really easy to get games on demand without having to leave your home. There are also always new games being released, and we're interested in learning what you're looking forward to playing.

For me, I'm still looking forward to getting my paws on the final release of Star Citizen, as in the release where things start to take shape in the online universe. As a backer with a fair amount of money invested, it does tick all the boxes, and even with the drama that has surrounded the game thus far in development, I'm still monitoring the progress made thus far. There's also Surviving Mars, which left our Xbox Editor Jez Corden with nothing but positive vibes in a preview.

One of our amazing ambassadors, Josiah23, kicked off a thread asking the community to share the games they look forward to spending some time with.

What game(s) do you look forward to? You could share anything that has announced or anything that you wish would be developed. Have you preordered anything recently? Maybe something already released, but you haven't tried it yet?


So what say you? It can be new, old or not yet released. Perhaps you have an idea of a game you'd like to be made (or even a sequel). Head over to our community forum to join the conversation.

From the forum: What PC Games Do You Look Forward To?

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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